Benefits of Tummy Tuck in India

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One of the best techniques of transplant is, grafting one section of hair from one part to another. Transplantation is done into another part of the head, where hair is not visible. Local anaesthesia is put in the area of the transplant. There are many well-known doctors in every city for the same incision.Also, if we talk about the tummy tuck surgery cost in India, you will be awe struck that it occurs because of the following reasons and there accumulates fat in the abdominal area. This excess fat is removed to give it a more toned look. There are many reasons because of which you might have excessive fat that is in loose shape. Some reasons are enlisted below:

  • Irregular Diet
  • Stressed lifestyle
  • Illness
  • Hormonal changes
  • Excessive medicine intake

Types of Hair transplants

  1. Slit grafts – it contains grafting of 4 to 10 hair stands in  a single graft
  2. Micro grafts – it contains grafting of 1 to 2 hair stands in a single graft

Who can get benefitted from a hair transplant?

All age groups can get benefitted from the hair transplant, be it any gender. It actually helps people to look better and boost one’s self confidence. The following genders have benefited from their issues:

  • Men with permanent baldness
  • Women facing thinness of hair
  • Other persons who have lost a section during any injury or incision

Do not opt for a hair transplant!!

There are a few precautions to be taken for people who absolutely should not opt for a transplant, as suggested by the best hair transplant centres in Ludhiana. They are mentioned below:

  • If your hair loss is spread over a large area in your scalp. You must not consider getting any incision.
  • If you do not get the right donor for your hair transplant then you might not go for it.
  • If you are under medications, like chemotherapy, then you are medically not allowed to go for a hair transplant.


A step-by-step procedure that is followed during a hair transplant is mentioned below:

  1. A local anaesthesia is given in that particular section where you want to get the hair transplant done.
  2. A thorough cleaning of your scalp would be done.
  3. There are two main techniques of doing a hair transplant : FUE and FUT

Even for the tummy tuck surgery cost in India, some anti – inflammatory medications are prescribed by the doctor to you to be taken along with some precautions for your suggested area. Though there a few risks always involved in a surgery, but a hair transplant and a tummy tuck have become very common nowadays and its risks have also reduced with the advancement of technology.

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