10 benefits of VPN for the security and privacy of your business

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Security threat is the major threat that every online user faces in their daily life. You can stay alert but still, you cannot protect yourself from hackers. A solution for this issue is the need of the hour. Many technologies are emerging in the market to assure data security. One such solution is the Virtual Private Network (VPN).

What is VPN?

VPN offers a protected network connection, especially when using public wi-fi networks. It encrypts the internet traffic and will hide the user’s identity. Third parties cannot track or monitor your online activities as the encryption is carried out in real-time. 

VPN has become a necessary tool for each online user. It acts as a private tunnel that hides all our online activities and will let us work in anonymity. The connection is encrypted and our IP addresses will be hidden from others. So, we are safe and our personal information will not be leaked.

How VPN works?

VPN functioning starts on the operating system level. The server will re-route all the traffic through other servers. This will make our location hidden. When a site is accessed through a VPN server, your connection will be viewed as a proxy server.

Initially, VPN was developed for companies where the employees were allowed to access the company resources through the cloud anywhere, anytime. Remote working has become a global business strategy. Instead of sending the traffic to the ISP, it will pass them to a VPN server, and then it is directed to the ISP. 

If the IP address is tracked, only the VPN server IP address will be revealed and your IP address will be safe and hidden. So it will play the intermediary role and protects its users. This is how the VPN works.

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Benefits of using VPN

A VPN server carries several benefits that are useful for users. Still, there are thousands of VPN servers on the market and you need to find the best VPN for android or your iPhone. Now let’s check out the common benefits of a VPN.

  1. Use public wi-fi safely – a complex encryption mechanism is followed by each VPN server. With this mechanism, no one will be able to steal your identity. Even the government, the hacker, or even your ISP cannot touch your personal information. Public wi-fi is highly prone to hacking and the AES 256 encryption protocol will safeguard you easily.
  2. Provides online anonymity – your original IP address will be masked and no one will be able to identify your location. The data source cannot be tracked when you use a reliable VPN server. Some may use the Tor network to access the dark web. But Tor can see your IP address and through Tor, you will be tracked. but with the help of a VPN, you can use Tor without being monitored.
  3. Access geo-restricted content – all contents are not globally accepted. Content that is allowed to view in the US is not allowed in India. Every country will follow different copyright procedures and users will not be allowed all content that is in the library. But this is possible when you use a VPN server. You can easily unblock all restricted content and can easily view them.
  4. Device compatibility – the single user may have several devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, and many more. He may need to use all his devices to surf the net. The VPN service is device compatible that will allow users to use any of their devices and they will get the same viewing experience on all devices.
  5. Reduces bandwidth throttling and Ad tracking – ISP can slow down or throttle your bandwidth when your usage is high. With the help of deep packet inspection, the ISP will throttle your bandwidth. This can be avoided with the help of a VPN service providers server. Simultaneously it will also reduce ad tracking.
  6. Bypasses restricted firewalls and censorship – some countries censor the internet and will not allow viewing most websites. The country will develop a firewall and will restrict users to get into those pages. These restrictions can be bypassed by a VPN server. 
  7. Enhances your gaming experience – some online games will be available for download in certain regions and some regions may have the game. In this case, a gamer can get any version of their favorite game and can download them wherever they are, and can enjoy the game without any hurdles.
  8. Get better deals – many eCommerce platforms give special discounts to special countries. Most US consumers get better discounts and deals when compared with any other consumer from other continents. A VPN user can surpass any geographical restriction and can claim all deals and discounts even if he is not eligible.
  9. protects crypto activities – people think that cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous and no one can find out the user. But this is not a guaranteed fact and you can rely on this. It is always advisable to use a VPN server even when you use cryptocurrency transactions. The VPN server will completely hide your transaction from any third party.
  10. Secured remote access – telecommuters always need to use their files remotely. Accessing files while traveling is a risky one and this can be protected with the help of a VPN server. A secured connection will be generated between your device and the network and you may not worry about anything and can access files.


People may think, is it worth having a VPN, the answer is yes, it is worth it. People use android and iOS mobile applications and they keep surfing through their smartphones which are vulnerable to any virus attack. The best VPN for iPhone and Android will safeguard users’ data and will let them enjoy it. There is no restriction or boundaries for a VPN user and even the sky is not the limit.