10 Harmful Effects Of A Blocked Drain In Your Home

Blocked Drain
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While cleaning their homes, many people ignore the areas which aren’t obvious. One of those less obvious locations is the water system. Most times the necessity to clean the drains doesn’t become obvious until the risk lurking under a blocked drain Killara is able to cause damage to the property of something.

A blocked drain may be a negative impact on the structure of your house. It is quite simple for drains to be blocked due to debris and small objects, food and grease, which gradually build in the pipes. The buildup of these materials within the drain could cause the water to be filthy and then block the flow. By using the Blocked Sewer offered located in Forestville, NSW, you will be able to ensure that your pipes do not get blocked.

It is employed for a variety of reasons and is drained from various services. When the drain system becomes blocked, there will be the possibility of a backflow of water that is dirty. This could damage the drainage system and even your home. It is important to take advantage of the Blocked Sewer at Forestville, NSW to prevent experiencing the following issues of a blocked drain

Deterioration In Health

Drains that are blocked can negatively affect your health. This can lead to an increase in bacteria, which can cause illnesses and allergies. The reason for this is that waste is accumulating within pipes. A blockage in pipes can cause the water and waste that was drained to return. When the sewage and the waste return to the drains, they have bacteria that transmit viruses and diseases to homeowners. The microbes found in the bacteria are harmful to people suffering from allergies to air and asthma. Additionally, water that is contaminated could cause irritation and skin inflammation. Therefore, in the interest of your family’s health, it is recommended to hire a Blocked Sewer expert located in Forestville, NSW so that your home is cleaned.

Unpleasant Smell

When drains become blocked, waste and water get trapped in the pipes. This buildup of sewage and stagnant water creates unpleasant odours. The smell eventually affects your entire home. It could also trigger nausea and headaches for the residents of your home.

Additionally, clogs cause pipes to dry because they block water flow. When this happens, the smell emitted by pollution is not absorbed through the water and moisture flow. This causes the creation of unpleasant odours. To prevent health hazards, contact Blocked Sewer located in Forestville, NSW to clean your pipes and eliminate obstructions.

Structural Damage To The Home

In the majority of cases, houses are damaged structurally due to the backflow of water from drains seeping into the foundations. The water that is leaking into the foundation weakens the structural integrity and strength of the home. In extreme instances, flooding could occur throughout the home and cause damage to walls and floors. Cleaning of drains in Forestville, NSW, ensures the foundations of the home are not damaged by removing blockages that could cause damage.

The Increase In Mould And Pests

Standing water is a great place for insects. Insects, like mosquitoes, are attracted by stagnant waters. They carry germs and other diseases. Additionally, when the flooring and walls are soaked through the drain, mould and mildew will be a problem within your home. To protect your home from these dangers to your health, have the blockages cleared out by using the drain cleaning services located in Forestville, NSW.

Slow Drainage

The most obvious consequence of blocked drainage is the fact that it has a weak drainage system. The removal of water and waste is slowed when there is a blockage in the drain. To avoid this issue, have your drains cleaned by hiring the services of a drain cleaner located in Forestville, NSW. A bad drainage system has water flowing back into the drain and rising up.

Contaminated Water

The longer you let drains that are blocked unattended, the more likely the possibility of the water becoming polluted. This is due to the fact that other waste can also flow through drains. If the pipes become blocked because of waste, the water can’t go through but flows in reverse. This water is now more filthy and contaminated than the previous one and could spread diseases to those in your immediate family. Blocked Sewer is offered in, Forestville, NSW. The drain cleaning service in Forestville gets rid of filthy water by cleaning the pipes of obstructions.


If the pipes become blocked, the water in the pipes must go somewhere. When there is a lot of water in the pipes, pressure increases, leading to the pipes exploding and leaking. This leak will be evident once the water seeps into the wall and floors, leaving staining. A lot of water leakage is also a cause of flooding. The water that leaks are an ideal habitat for mould, bacteria and mildew. You must seek out an expert drain cleaning service located in Forestville, to prevent any obstructions in your pipes.

Normal Life Disruption

The poor drainage system hinders the daily lives of urban inhabitants. A faulty drainage system, as well as blocked drains, are unable to efficiently transport stormwater, which causes the flooding of low-lying zones. The water that is clogged disrupts the lives of those who live in these zones. Additionally, due to inadequate drainage, accidents are frequent when streets are submerged.

Infection Of People

The control of water-related diseases is dependent on the efficiency of eliminating excess water from subsurface and surface areas. The health risks associated with drainages in open areas are numerous and have been reported as a consequence of exposure to agricultural chemicals primary waste as well as water-borne illnesses.

The diseases caused by bacteria, protozoa, as well as viruses, for example, are spread by agents acting as intermediaries, and typically thrive in the humid conditions that are provided by drains open to the air. One of the most prevalent disease-causing agents associated with drains open to the air includes the female Anopheles mosquito, which causes malaria.

The snail is yet another excellent illustration that can be used as an intermediary host to schistosomiasis. Certain insects, like houseflies, may also serve as carriers of illnesses like cholera or Typhoid. Therefore, it is quite common to find water-borne illnesses in areas with drains that are open that contain infected focal material.

The Build-Up Of Toxic Chemicals

Leaching and surface runoff from the fields of agriculture treated with pesticides as well as toxic chemicals from industries can easily find their way into the drains. The result is the accumulation of harmful substances in the waters that flows into the drain. This could threaten the lives of nearby residents.

If the polluted water gets into contact with the city’s source of water, such as it could be contaminated by hazardous chemicals that could cause negative health consequences such as liver damage as well as predisposition to certain types of cancer, a birth defect in pregnant women, and developmental issues in children. There is also the possibility of increasing contamination by dumping toxic waste chemicals as well as other harmful substances in waterways that drain into the open.


Blocked Sewer offers the most efficient drain cleaning services within, Forestville, NSW. If you’ve blocked drain Cammeray, ensure that you have them cleaned and inspected by our expert technicians. Call us at 02 9939 7888 today.

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