10 Things To Gift Someone Who Loves Trekking 

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Carrying the proper trekking gear is essential, whether someone is casually hiking to a favorite waterfall or attempting a challenging summit. The appropriate equipment can make the difference between a minor inconvenience and a disastrous outcome when things go wrong, which they usually do.

So, if you want to give a trekker a gift, giving them some trekking gear might be your best option. To do that, you’ll need to look for trekking essentials that are long-lasting, reliable, and of the highest quality. However, searching for the best gifts for trekkers can be difficult if one has limited knowledge of such gear. To assist you with this, we have made a list of 10 things to gift someone who loves trekking.

  1. Tactical Subscription Box 

You can gift your trekker friend a tactical subscription box, which includes high-value items. These items are always worth more than paid, and you can opt for yearly, quarterly, and monthly tactical subscription boxes.   

However, for a good experience, it is essential to subscribe to a reputable company. One such company is Crate Club. Each Crate Club box contains gear that has been hand-picked and field-tested by their professional team, so you know you’re getting high-quality tactical essentials. Additionally, they offer four tactical subscription boxes: Lieutenant, Captain, Major, and General.  

Lieutenant subscription boxes are ideal for beginners, Captain subscription boxes are suitable for trekkers with some experience, and Major or General subscription boxes are perfect for experienced survivalists. Before you subscribe, make sure you choose the one that is best suited to the receiver. 

  1. Mountain Backpack 

Backpacks designed for mountain trips have unique features. They are light, comfortable, and spacious but also durable and waterproof. They also adjust to the hip, allowing for better weight distribution and relieving back pain. 

  1. Portable Batteries 

A portable mobile charger, which costs less than 20€, can help any hiker who relies on his phone’s GPS to navigate the trail. Always choose those with more than 10,000 mAh, which provide 3-4 charges, and preferably a portable battery with a solar panel included: they can be recharged along the way and charged in shelters or other places with electric power. 

  1. Snowshoe 

Snowshoes are an essential piece of hiking equipment, particularly for winter hiking and climbing peaks with perennial snow. When purchasing them, the design, lightness, flotation, and weight must all be considered, as well as whether they are for men or women. It is an expensive item to gift, but it will last forever. 

  1. Foldable Hydration Bag 

One of the key principles of hiking is to stay hydrated. It is always preferable to have more water than is necessary because there are many routes where it is scarce. So, they’ll appreciate this bag, which folds up to take up less space in their backpack when empty. It has a capacity of up to 3 liters and can be folded to the size of a fist. 

It may appear unappealing, but the receiver will likely take it even if they already have some other container. 

  1. Scrubba wash bag 

You can surprise them with this modern marvel if you have about €50 to spend on a gift. Washing clothes is very challenging, but with this device, all you have to put the clothes in, add some soap and water, let the air out, and press the bag for about three minutes.  

This wash bag is ideal for multi-stage trips because it spares the hiker from carrying a lot of extra clothing. 

  1. Mountain GPS 

The mobile phone can often replace its functions, but the primary benefit of the handheld GPS is that it is dedicated solely to not getting lost. They return the map and compass while being stronger, more dependable, and more autonomous, with the added benefit of being a portable device. 

  1. Headlamp 

Headlamps are an excellent gift for trekkers because being able to navigate the wilderness in the dark is essential. A person with a headlamp will always have a source of light with them. Additionally, most backcountry travelers prefer a headlamp because it frees up both hands for other tasks, such as cooking dinner or holding hiking poles. 

  1. Compass 

If a hiker becomes disoriented in the backcountry, a compass and map-reading skills come in handy. Many smartphones, GPS devices, and watches include electronic compasses. Still, keeping a standard baseplate compass on hand is a good idea because it’s light and doesn’t require batteries, making it an indispensable backup. Giving a compass with a sighting mirror is even better because it can flash sunlight to a rescuer or helicopter. 

  1.  Hiking Snacks 

It’s essential to carry food when hiking because you never know when or where your next meal will be. There are numerous hiking snacks available on the market that you can give to a hiker friend. These foods are both nutritious and portable.  


A hiker can find various items useful for the trails, some of which are mentioned above. The amount you can spend is less significant because the quality of the gear you use is more important when it comes to hiking than the brand. So, choose products that are high-quality, long-lasting, and useful. 

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