12 Best Anime Addons for Kodi 19 and 18

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Anime, a type of animation that originated in Japan, has proven to be a vivid means of conveying unique and innovative ideas, particularly in ways that children can relate to. There are a lot of good anime addons on Kodi!  However, with many popular and widely used addons closing down these days, there aren’t many options for anime streaming on Kodi. But it’s comforting to know that there are still some dependable anime addons available that allow Kodi users to watch any anime content they can think of, and most importantly, with the preferred subtitling and dubbing. Let’s get right to it: the best anime addons for Kodi in 2021 are as follows; they are all free, fully functional as of this writing, and require no subscription. Enjoy!

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Best Anime Addons for Kodi in 2021

1. Hummingbird 

WilsonMagic’s Hummingbird anime addon was created as a replacement for the defunct Masterani Redux addon. Hummingbird already works quite well, though it is still in early beta. Hummingbird now supports an ever-expanding multi-scraper for a plethora of anime sources; list viewing and scrobbling from Kitsu, MyAnimeList, and AniList; FanartTV; and a few dubs. Hummingbird lets you explore anime by Season, Genre, Years, Subtypes, Seasons, and Ratings.

· Wilson Magic’s Kodi Addon Repository 

The most recent operational media source URL is: https://wilson-magic.github.io/repo/

2. ViewNixtoons2

The WatchNixtoons2 addon, created by Doko, the creator of the CTOON addon, will be familiar to those who have used the original WatchNixtoons addon. WatchNixtoons 2 is an anime addon that scrapes streams from watchcartoononline.io to provide the most recent releases and movies, popular and ongoing series, dubbed anime, cartoons, subbed anime, movies, and ova series. At the moment, WatchNixToons2 is a solid choice for many who want to explore free, high-quality, and playable anime streams.

Slamious Repository is a repository.

The most recent working media source URL is https://team-crew.github.io/; an alternative is http://diggzrepo.ddns.net.

· The WatchNixtoons2 Kodi addon installation guide.

3. Gogoanime 

Gogoanime addon is a new anime addon for Kodi that allows you to watch content from the Gogoanime website. Gogoanime addon offers free and English subbed/dubbed anime in HD quality, with sections such as recently viewed, recent release, popular ongoing updates, popular anime, genres, year-season, and search.

cywteow Addons Repository

 The most recent operational media source URL is: https://cywteow.github.io/repo/

4. Kaito 

Kaito is a new anime addon based on WonderfulSubs (DxCx) and Serenity codes (Nixgates). Kaito has many Seren-like features such as splash screen, source select, item browsing, next-up dialogue, and so on, as well as some practical features such as skip-intro dialogue, anime list browsing from AniList/Kitsu/MyAnimeList, and airing anime calendar. However, unlike Seren, Debrid services such as Real-Debrid and Premiumize are not required to use Kaito.

SwagOtaku Repo is the repository.

 The most recent operational media source URL is: https://swagotaku.github.io/repo/

5. WSBeta 

Doko’s WSBeta anime addon aims to be a minimalist, fast, and lightweight alternative to Wonderfulsubs, pulling anime streams from beta.wonderfulsubs.com. In comparison to WonderfulSubs, WSBeta has a more concise categorization (Latest, Popular, Random, A-Z, Genres) and is easier to use when searching for specific animes. WSBeta, like the WonderfulSubs addon, requires you to enter your account login credentials in the addon settings before you can use it.

Doko Repository 

The most recent working media source URL: https://doko-desuka.github.io/

6. FANime 

Fanime is another of the best anime add-ons in 2021; it was created by Nemzzy668 and is currently available for download from the Stream Army Repository. From the main menu, you can browse Anime by Recent Releases, A-Z, 50+ Genres, New Seasons, Ongoing Series, Recently Added Series, Movies, Popular, and SEARCH. Each classification includes dozens to hundreds of popular anime.

7. Animepahe 

Animepache is a solid option for watching the latest and most popular anime series in HD quality, competing head-to-head with the well-received mastering addon. This addon streams 3000+ high-quality animes from animepahe.com, and Animepahe displays posters and preview thumbnails for each EP for all of its animes.

8. C:> GO TO

Though C GoTo, like Exodus Redux, is a movie and TV show addon, it’s just as good as any of the anime addons in streaming animes. The C GoTo addon includes an animation section with an impressive collection of anime series. 

9. Big Toons

Diamond Wizard Repo’s Big Toons is a useful anime and cartoon addon. Aside from cartoons, comics, and other related items, Big Toons provides anime content such as Anime TV shows, Anime movies, YouTube Anime Movies, and hundreds of dubbed anime.

Diamond Wizard Repo Repository 

The most recent working media source URL: http://diamondbuild.xyz/ 

10. Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux, unlike the previously mentioned sub/dub anime purpose add-ons, is a fork of the well-known Kodi Exodus, the outdated flagship Kodi movie & TV shows addon. You might be wondering how a movie addon can be one of the best anime addons. This is because many of the best movie addons now include an anime section. Exodus Redux, on the other hand, as a leading Kodi movie addon, has carried a large number of high-quality links to movies, including anime films.

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