4 Types Of Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Systems
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It’s a terrible feeling of sinking that occurs when the old water system is going in a flurry, which is frequent in the closing of winter season. There’s more than just the possibility that you’ll have a cold bath, you’ll also hear lots of complaints from your family members, and then worry about the looming repair cost. However, there is always some silver lining particularly with regard to the kinds of  hot water heaters currently being offered in the Australian market. In short, the technology is advancing in recent times and leaves you with an urgent question: What’s the best hot water system you can install?

Here’s a comparison of the types of hot water systems australians are installing in their homes:

1. Electric

Similar to kettles, electric hot water systems provide heat to the water by using an element within tanks for storage. They are available in a variety of dimensions and are among the most economical options that are available, however it is important to note that they’re not the most efficient heating water heaters available.

Another alternative to electric heating is constant flow, or an immediate hot water system which heats water only by turning on the hot taps. They don’t offer the capacity to handle a huge amount of water flow. They may require power from 3 phases for connection.

2. Gas

The hot water systems for gas are identical to electronic counterparts, with the only distinction being that a burner is employed instead of an element. Gas systems tend to be less bulky than the electric tank as they heat water quicker.

Another option for gas can be the instantaneous or continuous hot water systems. They are very well-known and are among the most commonly used hot water systems that are installed in new houses as they are efficient in energy and small in size. The major benefit of this type of system is that the water only heats only when a hot faucet is turned on, which means you’ll never be short of hot water.

3. Solar

Solar hot water systems are becoming a well-known green alternative available in the market. It is one of the most popular hot water systems used in new houses since they make use of solar energy to heat your shower , rather than gas or electricity. The system will comprise a variety of solar panels, which are typically placed on the roof of your home, however it is important to note that the system may be linked to gas or electricity even if it’s not bright!

4. Heat pump

Although technically, it falls under the category of electric hot water systems the heat pump is significantly more energy efficient, even though it’s more expensive to set up and is louder to run. The technology behind it could be compared to the fridge … with the reverse! The heat pump efficiently extracts energy from air and then transfers it to the water . This could cut down the cost of hot water by two-thirds.


With so many options available in the market it can get confusing what the best choice for your house would be, so the best way to make this critical decision about your next hot water system investment is to pick up the phone and ask the friendly local plumbers for their advice.

Chetan Kapoor