5 bracelet designs to gift a bride

Woman showing a diamond ring.
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Rings are a necessity for the ceremony during an engagement or wedding. But most of us want to pamper our brides with an additional gift to remind them how special she is on this day. Generally, we choose pieces of jewellery as a gift for our special person. But what would be the best jewellery for her? There are several options, but bracelets are considered more versatile, meaningful and budget-friendly of all. Here we have listed various designs which are perfect for gifting your bride on a special day.

Plain metal band or bangle

The plain bangle is a classic design that looks beautiful on anybody. You just need to know her size to get the perfect one. Such bracelets can be of gold, alloy, platinum and so on. Sometimes, they are encrusted with precious stones as well. There are innumerable possibilities with the design that you can get for bangle bracelets. If you know what she likes, simply get the design customized accordingly.

Engraved metal band

This is another classic variation of the bangle bracelet. You can get this on a cuff bracelet too. Customize the bracelet by engraving a vow or a favourite quote that will always remind her of you. Engraving made add to the cost, but it is worth the price. such bracelets can also come with precious stones in them- the design possibilities are also innumerable for this jewellery.

Tennis bracelet

Tennis bracelets are very comfortable and the best part is, you do not need size to get them. A diamond tennis bracelet is the most popular choice for a bride at her wedding. It is extravagant but yet looks very simple and elegant. Usually, there are a few design varieties like the number of chains in the bracelet and the type of stone and the colours. But the basic style remains the same for this classic pick.

Charm bracelets

Charms are meaningful. You can get such a bracelet by ordering a bespoke charm design from the jeweller. It can be a charming motif signifying the wedding day. These bracelets can be upgraded over the years. You can simply add one charm for every significant event in your life. They are usually tailor-made and you need to place an order in advance to get it made by a jeweller in time. Such bracelets are usually fine chains with charms hanging from them.

Cuff bracelet

The cuff bracelets are trendy and have been around for a while. This is another extravagant choice for your loved ones. They are comparatively thicker than other designs. But you do not need a size for them as there is an opening on one side to put them on.

Chain link bracelets

The chain link is also a chic and elegant design where several small pieces are linked together to create the bracelet. The size can be increased or decreased over the years by simply adding more chain links to the original piece.

Choosing lab grown diamond engagement rings or bracelets or any other piece of jewellery gets easy when you go to a reputable jeweller. When you have shortlisted the best designs, getting them made is a matter of mere weeks. So first shortlist the designs, get a size and head over to the jeweller to gift her the most fabulous pieces for the big day.