5 Most Loved Kids Party Entertainer For 2023 

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These unique kids’ party entertainment ideas will ensure everyone, including the guest of honor, will have a good time. These exciting experiences and creative ideas for kids’ birthday parties will enhance your planning. 

Regarding children’s party entertainment, the possibilities seem limitless. How do you pick the best entertainment for your child’s birthday party or other special events? 

We’ve compiled a list of 5 fun and unique ideas that will keep kids of all ages entertained. This list has something for everyone, from magicians to petting zoos. Continue reading to find the ideal theme for your next children’s party. 

1. Balloon Clown 

Balloon artists’ ability to create almost anything out of a few twists and turns of balloons is impressive to young children. 

Many balloon artists or kids’ entertainers have some tricks up their sleeves or provide entertaining services such as face painting for parties. Look online for listings in your area. 

If any of your friends or family members are interested in learning how to create balloon sculptures and animals for the kids, you can also find tutorials online. 

And as a less expensive alternative to hiring a professional kids entertainer, enlist a few adults or older teen siblings to paint faces. 

2. Outdoor Cinema 

You can watch a movie on a big screen right from your backyard by renting or purchasing a home projector, borrowing one from a friend, hanging a sheet, or finding a white wall. 

Even inflatable projector screens for the backyard are available. 

This is a fun way to entertain the kids during a summer slumber party. Heat some microwave popcorn and set out some beanbags, air mattresses, or chairs for the kids to enjoy a movie night. 

This is often far less expensive than taking the kids to the movies, and it’s also better for your sanity. 

3. Water Balloon Battle 

Water can be fun for kids’ birthday parties if the weather is hot. 

Bring out the super soakers and a few buckets of water balloons for the kids to battle in the backyard. 

You must ensure they are prepared to get wet, so inform the parents to bring a change of clothes or swimmers. 

Get lots of small water pistols for them to use in place of throwing water balloons because it can be messy, and you don’t want to clean up afterward or want to choose a more environmentally friendly option. 

For simple replenishment, set up a few buckets around the backyard. 

Another environmentally friendly option is to make sponge water bombs that can be reused repeatedly. 

4. Mobile Petting Farm 

Get lots of small water pistols for them to use in place of throwing water balloons because it can be messy, and you don’t want to clean up afterward or want to choose a more environmentally friendly option. 

For simple replenishment, set up a few buckets around the backyard. 

There are also some animals that kids may not see very often, such as a petting zoo with reptiles and other wild animals. 

All you need is a small area in your backyard to set it up, and the kids will be entertained during the petting farm visit. 

However, if there are any allergies, notify the parents. And, for added fun, dress the kids in farm clothes (that they don’t mind getting dirty in). 

5. Superhero Party 

The best part about a superhero theme party is that it gives you lots of DIY entertainment ideas! This is a great party theme for boys or girls and can be as simple or complicated as you like. 

For the kids to decorate as part of the party activities, you can either make homemade superhero capes, masks, and accessories or purchase a few reasonably priced items from your neighborhood dollar store. 

Set up a superhero training circuit with entertaining games to assess their skills, such as the Hulk Smash balloon pop, Captain America shield launch with a frisbee, and Thor’s hammer toss. 

Give the strongest superheroes prizes to encourage some friendly competition. 

Bonus: Fairy Parties 

Many young girls adore having their fairy garden to take home after the party, which is why fairy parties are growing in popularity. 

Participants at the party can make their fairy wands, decorate a pair of wings, or design their fairy gardens at craft stations decorated in fairy-themed decor. 

A great way to plan a fairy party and ensure kids are entertained from beginning to end is to create scavenger hunts with clues leading to each set of items the children need for their fairy garden. 

They will find the next item they require at each clue – their garden base, colored pebbles, ornaments, potted flowers, and soil. 

Each item can be collected by an adult helper and returned to the fairy garden-making station. 

Jumping Castle 

Most young children adore bouncy castles, and the best part is that you can hire one for your next hosted birthday party. 

Kids can bounce around while eating delicious party food—but not too much party food in between jumps.  

You can hire a local party rental company in most cities. 

You can buy your jumping castle and use it between birthday parties if you’re ambitious! Surprisingly, it can sometimes be less expensive than hiring, especially if you use it for a few special events over the years. 

Hair Braiding Party 

This is a fantastic idea for girls who enjoy having beautiful hairstyles! You can either hire a professional to come and braid all of the girls’ hair or enlist the assistance of your mother or an auntie. 

If you want to do it yourself, numerous hair braiding tutorials are available online. 

Braid-colored ribbons or rainbow hair extensions through the braids for a stylish look that will last several days after the party. 

This works well even for children with short hair because the hair extensions give the appearance of long braids. 

However, notify parents of this plan before the party to ensure that their child’s hair will be braided. 


Hiring professional children’s party entertainers is an excellent way to alleviate the stress of entertaining a large group of children, whether for a birthday party, christening, or another special occasion. 

They frequently have various entertainment options and can tailor the party to the children’s age group and interests. 

When hiring professional entertainers, check their references and reviews to ensure that they are trustworthy and will provide excellent service. 

 Whether you hire a pro or do it yourself, many kids’ party entertainment options exist.

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