5 Ways to Find a Good Tax Preparer.

Tax Preparer
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It’s almost time to file your taxes, so it’s a good idea to get all of your paperwork in order now. Consider hiring a professional tax preparer if you have concerns about completing your tax returns accurately or if you have a very complex tax situation.

If you have a tax preparer do your returns, they will charge you, but you will still be held accountable for the accuracy of the data you provide. Carefully select a tax preparer.

  1. To protect your own best interests, hire a well-respected expert who has the necessary qualifications. Consider the following factors when selecting a tax preparation: o Whether or not the preparer can be reached for follow-up questions after the return has been submitted. Request references and contact information at all times. It is imperative that you take the time to carefully examine the references. Explore the web and compile a list of inquiries you have for the tax preparer before you hire them.
  2. Do a history check on everyone you plan to hire. Inquire with locals and verify credentials with groups like the BBB, state accounting boards, or bar associations.
  3. If you need help with your taxes, it’s a good idea to compile a list of potential tax preparers and find out if they’re just CPAs or true tax specialists. You need someone who can figure out the tax code quickly and easily. You should verify that the tax preparer will complete your forms in line with both state and federal regulations.
  4. Do your research and pick a tax preparer who has the necessary certifications. Investigate the tax preparer’s credentials by learning if they are an enrolled agent, CPAs, or tax attorney. Keep in mind that only attorneys certified public accountants, and enrolled agents are allowed to represent taxpayers before the IRS in the event of a tax audit, collection action, or appeal.

Think critically and educate yourself so you can spot and prevent fraud. Don’t believe a tax preparer who promises you a bigger refund than you deserve. You need to feel comfortable sharing your financial information with the tax preparer. Don’t rush into picking one.

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