5 Ways You Can Put a Personal Wedding Loan to Great Use

5 Ways You Can Put a Personal Wedding Loan to Great Use
5 Ways You Can Put a Personal Wedding Loan to Great Use
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Are you planning a wedding but don’t have enough cash to cover all the expenses? Discover how a Personal Loan for a wedding, commonly known as a wedding loan, can help make your special day even more special by providing you with the extra funds needed. 

We’ll discuss five great ways you can use this loan in India for your big day!

1. Venue Booking and Decorations

A personal loan for wedding can come in handy when booking a venue and decorating it for your wedding. You can use the loan to book a banquet hall or other venue for your reception and pay for decorations and other expenses related to making the space look its best.

If you’re planning on having a large wedding, you may need to take out a larger loan to cover the costs. But even if you’re having a smaller affair, a wedding loan can help you free up some cash so that you can focus on other aspects of your big day.

No matter what scale wedding you’re planning, research for the best interest rates and terms before applying for a wedding loan. And remember, you’ll need to make regular loan payments to avoid lowering your credit score.

2. Catering Services

When it comes to weddings, food plays an important role. While hosts are busy in preparations, rituals and attending guests, it’s the caterer that ensures the food is served fresh and on time.

So, hiring a good caterer based on reviews and ratings is a good idea. Make sure you choose the best plan with snacks and appetisers served before the main course. Needless to mention, sweets and desserts are not to be missed.

However, a good caterer charges handsomely for special events like weddings. You can choose to pay for caterer services using Personal Loan for wedding.

3. Photographer and Videographer

Indian weddings are grand. They often involve hundreds of guests, multiple days of events, and a lot of expenses. Personally, taking a picture with everyone becomes challenging for the host family. So, onboarding an expert photographer cum videographer becomes essential. If you’re planning your wedding or helping to pay for someone else’s, a wedding loan can be a great way to get the money you need.

When getting a personal loan remember a few things. First, make sure you look around for the best interest rate. Secondly, ensure you read all the terms-related documents before signing anything. And finally, remember that you’ll need to make regular payments on your loan, so be sure to factor that into your budget.

4. Dresses and jewellery for a wedding 

You want everything to be perfect on your wedding day because it is one of the most important days of your life. That includes your dress and jewellery for the occasion.

Your dress is the most crucial piece of clothing you’ll ever wear on your special day, so it’s worth investing in a beautiful gown or lehenga in which you’ll feel amazing. If you’re on a tight budget, try shopping at consignment stores or renting a dress instead of buying one outright.

5. Honeymoon Planning

Honeymoon is an important aspect of a wedding. It lets newlyweds make a happy beginning of a life together. So, it makes sense for couples to plan their special trip with utmost care.

One can either research on their own or take referrals from friends and family. One can even contact the top travel agencies to look for their popular all-inclusive honeymoon packages with fixed costs. Alternatively, one can get their honeymoon package customised with choice of flights and hotels. They can also book cabs or rental cars for local sight sighting. Whether travelling within India or to global destinations, the honeymoon planning should not be compromised due to lack of funds.

A Personal Loan for wedding can help pay for the costs related to honeymoon expenses without burdening your savings. Since repayment tenure is flexible, the only stress you should be taking is about the clothes to take on the trip and places to visit there.


A wedding loan can be a great way to fund your dream wedding. It can help you easily make your wedding plans come true without touching your savings. Whether you are looking for ways to pay for decorations and caterers or want extra money to purchase designer lehengas and sherwanis, a Personal Loan for the wedding can help you get what you need on time. You can calculate the EMIs easily with the Personal Loan EMI Calculator and plan your repayments accordingly. So, go ahead and plan your wedding with sufficient funds from a wedding loan and make your special day truly memorable.

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