6 Dimensions of Wellness

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When we think of health, we immediately imagine physical health. We strive to maintain an ideal body condition and hope that it will keep us against serious illnesses in the near future. But, although physical health is vital to good health, being healthy encompasses more than just the physical. Indeed, many experts believe that there are six aspects of wellness.

1. Health of the emotional

Understanding how our emotions affect us and finding healthy ways to express emotions is essential to maintaining the health of our emotional well-being. Learn to accept your limits and discover ways to create healthy relationships with other people. Maintain a positive perspective and master the art of controlling emotions like anger, sadness or even anger.

2. The spiritual health

Finding a reason to live and feeling that your life is meaningful can lead to spiritual wellness. You should take some time to study the morals, ethics and values that will guide your decisions and stick to them even in difficult moments.

3. Health and social

Building healthy relationships with other people will help you live a more healthy life. Find ways to be a good friend to others regardless of whether they are family members, coworkers or your best friends. Develop your communication skills and strive to be the type of spouse or friend you’d like to be.

4. Environmental health

A more healthy environment leads to more healthy people. So it is not enough to shield yourself from environmental dangers like applying sunscreen or staying inside during the daytime when it is humid however, you must consider ways to improve the planet’s well-being. Recycle or reuse any items are able to be recycled, or give old cell phones, clothing or computers that are old to non-profit organizations who can restore them, thus helping to keep them out of the garbage dumps.

5. Intellectual health

You’ve probably heard the expression “use it or you’ll lose it.” This is especially true for the brain. When we get older, there’s an inevitable process of decline in brain functions However, you can counter this by exercising your brain each day. Keep your brain active by the pursuit of knowledge, creativity and problem-solving. Keep up-to-date with daily news. Draw, paint or create things using your hands. Learn a continuing education course at your local college or join the book club. A crossword or two every day is a great way to keep your mind engaged.

6. Physical Health

Keep your body healthy by exercising, eating right and avoidance of unhealthy habits like alcohol or smoking. It is important to exercise every day for at minimum 30 mins every day. Consume a lot of vegetables, fruits whole grains, whole grains and healthy fats like the ones found in olive oils. Make sure to visit your dentist on a regular basis as dental health may influence your entire body. Make sure you seek medical attention whenever needed.

Because our minds and bodies are connected, true health is the result of integrating all the above elements for an all-encompassing approach to health. The process of evaluating and attempting to improve in these six areas will result in an overall healthier, happier you, which will help you fight off illness or ailments.

Physical health is most likely the most straightforward to track. To get a general idea of your body’s overall well-being, think about obtaining the mobile health check-up one that is simple as it is painless and non-invasive. It will provide you with information fast on your risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

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