6 Most Popular Brands of Men’s Polo Shirts

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Make sure you are prepared for the summer heat with clothing that keeps you cool and free of moisture. Because as the weather starts to warm up and summer quickly approaches, every person looks toward lightweight clothing.

Why are Polo Shirts a “Must-Have” For Summers?

The polo shirt’s shape and structure, with sleeves that always end in the center of the bicep, will enhance your sporty image. While also providing the carefree touch you seek during the year’s most relaxed season. Although, if you don’t feel comfortable in a polo shirt, you may always choose the shirt. As it is the quintessential example of refined masculinity. In fact, you can wear it everywhere. From a casual stroll by the beach to a black tie event.

If it’s an extremely hot summer evening, a true gentleman will not let the heat stop him from wearing a suit. Obviously, you need to be able to adjust your level of sophistication to the situation—and the weather.

If you’re suffocating under a tight collared shirt or a thousand layers, no one will be surprised to see you tied up by your hair when the temperature drops to 30 degrees. Because of the extremely high temperatures expected this summer, we recommend playing polo as a fun way to cool off.

The fact that polo shirts can be tricky to pair correctly causes them to be overlooked. White and blue are the go-to hues of modern dandies; they’re crisp and clean and will make your tan stand out even more. In addition, you should carefully consider the material of your polo shirt.

Pair your polo with slim-fit chino pants and ankle-high moccasins for a dapper look. However, a fresh linen shirt paired with cream-colored cotton slacks and tassel loafers will achieve the same effect if you decide the polo shirt isn’t for you.

Our Top Picks for the Men’s Polo

This afternoon, we will be presenting our picks for the best men’s polo t-shirts. Style and rock this summer with polos from six well-known companies, including Anvil Men’s Polo, Port Authority Silk Touch Polo, Jerzees 437 and more!

Most of the polo shirts mentioned below have a fabric engineered to wick perspiration and moisture away from the body. As a result, this fabric will help you remain comfortable even when exposed to the heat. In addition to that, clients also have the choice between screen printing and embroidery. Especially if they want to include a sports team’s logo or sell these products online.

1) Gildan Men’s Polo

Gildan, most known for its line of casual clothing, also makes fantastic polo shirts for both men and women. For example, the Gildan 5.6 oz. DryBlend 50/50 Jersey Polo with Pocket is a must-have throughout the warm summer months!

This polo, made of cotton that has been pre-shrunk and polyester in equal parts, contains a DryBlend fabric wick that draws moisture away from the body and helps keep you dry. This polo shirt comes in various hues that are perfect for the summer. 

2) Nike Golf Men’s Polo

Do you have plans to play golf this summer? While you’re out on the green, our Nike Golf polo and other items will help you maintain your comfort and sense of style. The Nike Golf Dri-FIT Embossed Polo comes with a subtle geometric logo and boasts Nike’s distinctive Dri-FIT technology. Both are perfect for keeping golfers comfortable and dry from sweat.

3) Jerzees 437 Men’s Polo

Jerzees is a garment manufacturer that is well-known for producing high-quality goods. The majority of their products are affordable for everyday use. The Jerzees 50/50 cotton/poly Sport Shirt with SpotShield is the ideal choice for you if you are searching for a polo that you can wear daily and either dress up or dress down, depending on the occasion.

This polo comes in five different colors, and its construction is a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester. Additionally, it has been treated with Jerzees’ SpotShield to make it resistant to stains.

4) Polo from Port Authority for Men

Try on some of Port Authority’s polo shirts and other gear for a more contemporary look! For instance, our Port Authority Silk Touch Tipped Polo features a design incorporating tipping to give an otherwise traditional polo a more contemporary air.

This polo is resistant to wrinkles and shrinking due to its composition comprising 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton pique.

5) Anvil Men’s Polo

Anvil Apparel creates high-caliber athletic gear for both men and women, as well as young people! If you are in the market for a sports polo, the Anvil Ringspun Cotton Pique Sport Shirt is the ideal summer sports polo.

This polo shirt is comfortable and boasts a contoured collar and three buttons with a clean finish placket for a perfect fit. It is made of cotton that has been pre-shrunk in its whole.

6) Polo for Men Made by Harriton

This Harriton 4 oz. Polytech Colorblock Polo is the ideal polo for the summer if you are searching for something that is more fashionable and features a splash of color.

This polo is made of 100 percent polyester and features breathable sides. Additionally, it has UPF 50 protection, anti-odor treatment, quick-drying, anti-microbial, and anti-static treatment. It also offers antimicrobial treatment.

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