6 Valuable Tips to get Children’s Attention to your Custom Rigid Boxes

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The box and its design are the first things that people see when your product is on a shelf. Your product may lead the market and keep on beating the competition in terms of quality, but if the packaging is not attractive but rather lousy, potential customers may not bother to have a look.

Making rigid boxes attractive for everyone, especially for children requires special skills and effort. From the selection of materials to box shape, design, and printing all need to be in perfect order to create a masterpiece. There are however some tips that will help you in manufacturing luxury rigid boxes. These 6 tips will help to charm little angels by creating engaging and appealing packaging.

1-   Packaging should be Reusable

Your box material is an important part of your brand image which is why low-quality and unsafe materials should be avoided altogether. The use of recyclable and reusable materials is the need of the hour. 100% eco-friendly material is always safe for kids.

The ultimate objective is that it should be used for some other purpose. So, the material and design have to be something that can be turned into something that children can make use of or play with. Like if you are designing chocolate balls, kids can use balls after getting the chocolates out. Another advantage of such custom rigid boxes is that customers always prefer to buy products with such packaging.

2-   Visually Appealing Design

The use of vibrant and bright colors is a great way to attract children to your luxury rigid boxes packaging. The use of different shapes and printing patterns can also create visual appeal for kids. Watch any kid unwrapping toy packaging and you will observe that they are equally excited about product packaging as they are for the toy.

3-   Smart use of Color Psychology

Your brand image largely depends on brand design and colors. One must also make sure that it is a color that is enchanting for kids. Let’s have a look at the colors that are commonly used for packaging rigid boxes.

Black: it represents sophistication and elegance. Black is used in conjunction with other colors to create a smart design.

White: Innocence, ease, and class is represented by white.

Blue: it is the most commonly used color as it creates a sense of trustworthy brand. Lighter shades may be used for children’s packaging.

Yellow: A bright and stand-out color. Kids love yellow but it must be efficiently used.

Green: The color of a sustainable environment, better quality, and health. The positivity of this color is unprecedented.

Red: A romantic and energizing color depending on the shade used and it attracts attention.

Purple: gives a posh and royal experience to the packaging. Represents the higher class.

4-   Target Customers (Age and Gender)

Profile building is very important for any brand to prosper in the market. Kids’ age and gender matter a lot while designing attractive custom rigid boxes. Say no to plastic bags or any other wrapping material that can be dangerous for children. Gender-based use of colors like preferring pink colors for girls’ packaging and using other mixes of colors for boys.

5-   Follow the Trends

Social media penetration plays a big role in our daily lives. Kids are pretty much into the latest trends and follow them on social media. The design of your rigid boxes could include the latest trends that are being followed by the specific age group that you are going to target. Mixing them with quotes, characters, and colors can create a wonderful design.

6-   Easy Handling

The primary purpose of all luxury rigid boxes is to handle and carry your product. So, their handling from the customer side should also be easy. Kids like packaging that is easy to carry and can be handled well with their cute little hands. Packaging carriers can be used to be handier.


Premium quality custom boxes should be practical first and then memorable. Safe material, bold and attractive design, easy to handle and carry shape, all these factors mix up to create something classy and elegant. Make sure to put your brand first and appeal to the customer later.

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