7 Best Ways to Make Money with Online Trading 

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The financial market is a sector of challenges resulting in many strategies. You will discover that one’s way of making money in the market will differ from another’s. This means that your success may depend on many strategies, but another may succeed through a single method.  

Some constraints like your lifestyle, target, and resources significantly impact your results. This article will enlighten you on the seven best strategies to succeed in trading stocks.  

1. News trading strategy 

If you’re good at working with speculation, you may succeed using the news trading approach. The strategy is the constant following of before and subsequent news releases. A trader needs a skilled mindset to remain updated since news travels fast. Getting the news is one, but you must evaluate and conclude immediately before others. The financial market has many operations to be conversant with to implement the news. Such a market uses the news as fuel to flow, which converts to asset price—the flow results from many traders attempting to predict the market.  

This way of making money is best for volatile markets like trading oil and fluctuating commodities. The news trade motto suggests that traders stake on price action before receiving the information instead of waiting to confirm it. Thus, you’ll be protected when the information follows a rumor.  

2. Scalping Trading Strategy 

The scaling path of making money is placing a small investment on a short-term basis. Scalpers focus on making small profits to accumulate more significant funds in the long run. Forex scalping suffers the slow and steady movement of making money because it’s more accessible in the currency market. As a scalper, you must aim to remove your little profits before the market changes. Their assumption is based on the ratio of 1/1 for risk/profit. Ultimately, they focus on gathering little profits from smaller winnings.  

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3. Buy and Hold 

Another way to make money online trading is the buy-and-hold strategy. These people say,’ timing in the market is subdued to time in the market.’ It simply means traders hold their stock for a long time in the market instead of constant trading. The approach is one of the common ways of succeeding in trading. Also, it shows that traders that constantly buy and sell daily, weekly, or monthly miss the opportunity to get significant annual returns.  

If you don’t believe it, here, the stock market offers 9.9% annual returns to investors who have remained in the market for 15 years through 2017, according to Putnam Investments. However, traders that opt-in and out of the market don’t stand a chance. Other investors who missed 10 days got a 5% annual, those with 20 best days took home 2%, while others with 30 days absence got -0.4 annually. In essence, missing the market’s best days yield lower returns, it may be a wise idea to invest on those days, but you can’t predict such days. 

4. End-of-day trading strategy 

Use the end-of-day strategy to predict when a market is about to close. These traders work with the settling or closing price. However, the system works best when comparing today’s prices to yesterday’s. Then you can predict how the market flatulates from the price action. However, it would be best to have risk management orders like limit orders, take-profit, and stop-loss orders to remain at minimal risk.  

This strategy’s merit is that it needs less commitment, unlike others, because all a trader does is study the opening and closing of market charts. 

5. Opt for Funds Over Individual Stocks 

A seasoned trader knows that the approach to reduce risk while accumulating high revenue, in the long run, is to diversify their trades. The method uses the saying, don’t put all your eggs in a single basket. Most traders do their diversification on individual stocks or stock funds like mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETF).  

The downside of diversifying on individual stocks is that it’s time-consuming and requires sizable cash and investment knowledge. For example, a particular stock can cost up to hundreds of dollars. But funds expose you to thousands of individual investments through one share. The truth is that most traders, including experts, have yet to learn how to predict the next move of a company’s significant returns, which is why most invest in popular markets like Tesla (TSLA) or Apple (AAPL). However, the advice is to stake in significant indexes like Nasdaq and S&P 500. The stock offers 10% average annual returns.  

6. Trend trading strategy 

Trend trading requires technical analysis to place trades based on trends. These experts predict trends through equities, currencies, commodities, and treasuries. They use the motto “the trend is a friend” they predetermined the trend to get accurate market results. These traders defer from bullish or bearish traders.  

They believe in having an accurate system to predetermine the trend instead of having a fixed view of the direction of the trend. However, it would be best to remain alert and adaptable, know the risk, and know how to lower it because trends quickly change. Following the trend takes time and requires confidence, discipline, patience, and obedience to the rules. The downside is that some fundamental changes can collapse your strategy. Therefore, it is best to remain at minimal risk on trend trading.  

7. Reinvest Your Dividends 

Your earnings determine dividends. They remit the dividends to you periodically. The small sums are negligible but significant to the stock market’s growth. For example, the S&P 500 market experienced an increase from 6.7% to 11% between September 1921 and September 2021 because of the reinvested dividend. When you reinvest your dividends, you get more shares which generate compound interest faster.  

The compounding interest is the reason many experts advise traders, especially long-term traders, to reinvest their dividends. Some platforms or companies provide a section where you can automatically reinvest your dividends through a dividends reinvestment program or DRIP. 


There are many ways to make money in stock trading, but these are a few. However, you must study, understand and constantly implement any strategy of your choice to succeed fully. Ensure you try as many as possible to find the perfect fit.