7 Interesting Ways To Recycle Your Waste

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Recycling is widely practiced amongst the three R’s-reduce, reuse, and recycle. While the other two terms also have equal importance when compared to recycling. Recycling is a crucial part of reducing overall global waste. To promote the recycling of bottles that contribute to the majority of waste items, you may find many bottle depots near you and visit them during their open bottle depot hours

Effective recycling items 

Tons of daily-use items contribute to global waste. Recycling has proved to be beneficial in counteracting disturbed ecology. You can find a bottle depot in Calgary or wherever you live and hand over the waste bottles where they can be recycled effectively. There are several recyclable items that you can recycle efficiently, such as;

Plastic bottles

Plastic water bottles can be the worst of your enemies as they make up most of the waste. These bottles can be turned into lovely flowerpots by cutting the top, painting the surface, and helping you grow your kitchen garden. You can also make a hanging garden by cutting it horizontally and planting different seedlings. You can also make eco-bricks out of it to make furniture and use it as a décor item in your house. You can avail of the drive service of the depot by checking their bottle depot hours over the phone. 

Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is as harmful as plastic to the environment, non-biodegradable, and quite hazardous. However, there are plenty of ways to upcycle and reuse aluminum foil. You can use it as a reflector behind the flower pots to help them get sunshine in the shade. 


When it comes to disposing of food items such as fruits, vegetables, or any cooked leftover meals, you should make a wise choice by making a countertop bucket to collect all the organic biodegradable items for later use. These can be degraded and turned into soil for a better gardening experience. 

Old solar panels

Nowadays, solar energy is widely used to conserve other resources. After using solar panels, they are disposed of in landfills. You can remove the parts of the solar plates and sort them separately, such as metal, glass, and plastic. Through this practice, you can help recycle the plates more efficiently and responsibly. 

Separate dry and wet waste

Segregate the dry and wet waste that is collected at your house. Dry waste includes wood, paper, glass, plastic, metal, and related products, whereas wet waste includes tea bags, fruit and vegetable peels, leftover food, and other related products. Dry waste usually makes its way to nearby landfills, whereas wet waste can be turned into the compost bin, which can be further used as soil. Segregating waste is very crucial and helps to achieve a sustainable environment. You can take the dry bottle waste to a bottle depot to get them recycled responsibl, just search on google “bottle depot near me” to find the nearest bottle depot. 

Recycle old newspaper

If you are fond of reading newspapers and getting them delivered to your doorstep regularly, you should not need to stock them up but rather use them as wrapping paper for fragile items. You can also clean glass or other surfaces with water and vinegar, which helps you eliminate window stains effortlessly.

Get rid of single-use plastic items

Many countries are trying to eliminate these single-use plastic items to help build a better environment. You can also do this by replacing your plastic straws with biodegradable bamboo straws, a plastic toothbrush with biodegradable toothbrushes, and plastic cotton buds with paper cotton buds.


We can change individual behavior by reducing the overall use of plastic items, cleaning the containers thoroughly, and reusing it. It would be best if you were thoughtful while purchasing different products and considered reducing the waste you create. You can do this by not buying too many bottles, for instance, and then using the previous bottles you have and recycling at a bottle depot in Calgary or elsewhere and composting before the waste reaches the landfills

Kevin Peter