7 Live Music Ideas for Your Wedding Day

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Weddings are a joyous occasion and an ideal setting for live music. When choosing your live band or artist, you should consider a variety of factors for a wedding ceremony and reception. You and your spouse’s personalities are expressed through the music played by your band.

There are many different types of live bands that you can hire these days. When making a decision, it’s usually best to think about the overall theme and style of your wedding. Couples with a large enough budget may choose to combine two or three activities to provide variety throughout the day. Here are seven different wedding band styles that you should think about for your big day.

Roaming Bands/Wandering Musicians

Roaming bands are the most effective type of band for keeping a wedding lively and enjoyable. They interact with the guests and move from table to table among them. That is where the term “Roaming” originated. They are also referred to as strolling or wandering bands, and you will thoroughly enjoy the experience. Rather than setting up in one location at your wedding and performing from there all day, they will be right in the middle of the action, interacting with your guests and encouraging them to participate in a memorable entertainment experience.

Jazz and Vintage-Inspired Bands

For a wedding that is both sophisticated and laid back at the same time, vintage and jazz bands are a perfect choice. They can provide easy-listening music to your guests during your drinks reception to keep them entertained. Then, when it comes time to dance after your wedding dinner, they can increase the tempo of the music that is being played so everyone can get up and dance.

A low-key vintage and jazz band will add a casually cool vibe to your wedding reception with their effortless coolness. The classics will inspire you to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane as you listen to them sing them. 

Pop/Folk Rock Bands 

For those planning a wedding and seeking a band to entertain their guests, an alternative folk-rock band may be a perfect choice. This is especially true if your venue has a rustic feel to it.

A folk-rock band in the style of Mumford & Sons with acoustic and electric guitars with upright bases, your guests will enjoy the songs that this style of the band performs, and even your grandmother will be tapping her feet in time to the music. 

Motown/Soul/Funk Bands

Soul, Funk, and Motown bands are a great addition to any wedding reception. They will take you on a journey back in time to when pop music was filled with amazing harmonies and excellent vocal performances. We guarantee that your guests will enjoy the unforgettable classics that are played, and that they will be able to get all your family and friends up on their feet.

They have an incredible ability to transition from high romance to high energy in an instant. So, prepare to be carried away by a brass section, soulful vocals, and a funky bass line as you listen to them perform. You will not be able to keep your dancing feet under control.

Indie Wedding Bands 

Indie bands for weddings are the perfect band for anyone who enjoys pop-punk and is looking for something a little different in their music. It will come as a surprise to your guests if they see something different at your wedding. Prepare to sing along to great anthems from artists such as Arctic Monkeys, Green Day, and Oasis, among many others.

String Quartets

String Quartets, also known as instrumental ensembles are generally, a beautiful choice for a wedding ceremony here at York barn. In the case of a breakfast or brunch ceremony, they will be a perfect match for your needs. They can perform both before and after the ceremony, as well as during your drink’s reception.

Acoustic Bands/Duo/Solo

Acoustic bands are perfect for outdoor wedding ceremonies and will add a lot of character to your celebration. 

These bands come in different formats, the most popular being a 4-piece, duo or solo artist and can cover all phases of your wedding day, from the wedding ceremony, drink receptions, and the evening wedding entertainment. These artists can play chilled, laid-back tunes to more upbeat and funky beats to get guests on their feet later on in the day.

We hope that you have found this blog helpful in your search for the perfect band for your up-and-coming special day. 

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