7 Most Trending Tips To Get The Perfect Nail Shape 

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Having perfectly shaped nails can be the perfect finishing touch to any look. Whether you’re getting ready for a date night or want to add something to your everyday style, having the perfect nail shape can be a great way to do it. But getting the ideal nail shape is no walk in the park. Getting the right look can be challenging without the right tools and techniques.  

Below are the seven most trending tips to help you get the perfect nail shape at home or your favorite nail parlor. With these tips, you can get the desired shape for your nails quickly and easily.  

1. Choose the Right Nail File 

The correct nail file can be the key to getting the perfect nail shape. Different kinds of nail files are available in the market with designs you may like. For example, the electric nail file comes in various sizes and has customizable features like speed, allowing you to choose a rate suitable for your nails. You can also use them to remove gel polish on your gel extensions or reduce the bulk while infilling. It will also help speed up the soaking process, which helps remove extensions. 

 When choosing a file, select one with interchangeable heads for different shapes and textures. And lastly, look for one with a dust collector to keep your work area clean and free from debris. 

2. Start with the Right Tools 

The nail-making process is similar to any other activity, requiring tools to perfect it. No matter what shape you’re going for, starting with the right tools is essential.  

For beginners, it may be challenging to identify essential tools for the process and their functions in keeping your nails strong. You must have clippers, scissors, and a nail file. Clippers and scissors should be used to trim nails, while the nail file should be used to shape and refine them. Use a nail file with fine grit for the best results to ensure a smooth finish. 

 3. Taking Care of Your Cuticles 

Although they may seem less important, you require your cuticles to get the perfect nail shape. To ensure they are in the proper condition, you must regularly moisturize them using a cuticle oil or balm; this will help to keep them healthy and prevent them from becoming dry and brittle. Also, they will help in preventing future nail breakages. It will help if you ask your nail technician to recommend cuticle oil for your nails. 

 Additionally, avoid pushing them back too far, as this can lead to pain and infection. Your cuticles are pretty sensitive, and any illness may have severe consequences. However, if you detect any sign of a disease, you can visit your favorite nail parlor to get the proper treatment to put them back in shape within a short period. 

4. Using the Right Technique 

You can use plenty of techniques to preserve your nails and ensure that they remain strong. However, some of these techniques may cause more damage if they are unsuitable for your nail type. The right approach is essential for getting the perfect nail shape. 

When filing, start at the edge of the nail and work your way inwards. The process will help to prevent any unevenness or ridges. Also, make sure to file in one direction, as going back and forth can cause breakage. It can also result in the damaging to your nail bed and cuticles.  

5. Using the Right Products 

Choosing the right products is just as important as using the proper technique. Look for products specifically designed for your nails that are beneficial to them, such as a nail hardener or a nail strengthener. These products can help to keep your nails healthy and strong and prevent breakage. Nail hardeners offer protection for your nail plate and provide them with more nourishment. 

 Additionally, use a buffer to give your nails a smooth, glossy finish. It also improves blood circulation to your nails, leaving an attractive sheen for them. You do not require polishing after buffing since it does all the work. Notably, it would be best to hone monthly to ensure your nails remain strong. You can research the different buffers for your nails and settle for one you find suitable. 

6. Avoid Over-Filing 

Filing is essential for our nails, but we sometimes go overboard and do it more times than required. Overfilling can cause your nails to become thin and weak, so it’s essential to avoid it. If you’ve filed too much, use a nail-strengthening product to help repair any damage to your cuticles. 

Additionally, ensure to file only the tips of your nails, as filing the sides can cause them to become weak and break. You can get a filing appointment monthly to ensure you are on track. 

7. Protect Your Nails 

The last and most important tip is to protect your nails. Make sure to begin by applying a base coat before applying any polish, as this will help to keep your nails healthy and strong. Furthermore, use a top coat to seal in color and add extra shine. It will help if you research activities that may weaken your nails so that you can take the necessary caution to avoid getting your nails into bad shape. 


Getting the perfect nail shape doesn’t have to be complicated. You can easily create the perfect look with the right tools and techniques. Start by choosing the correct electric nail file, and then use the right tools and products.  

You can do your nails at home, but it will help if, once in a while, you visit your nail technician so that they can recommend you other ways to keep healthier nails. Also, they will help you identify any infections during the early stages, making it easier for you to treat them before it worsens. 

You can also check out the different nail shapes from popular lifestyle magazines to help create a unique design that you find attractive.