7 Steps to Choosing the Best eCommerce SEO Agency

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Hiring an eCommerce SEO agency to improve your online store’s SEO can offer you many benefits, including but not limited to: 

  • Higher organic impressions, organic traffic, conversion rates, and sales
  • Improved domain authority
  • Reduced technical errors on your website
  • Better content, such as blog posts, that engages your customers
  • More qualified leads for remarketing
  • Diminished reliance on paid search marketing

With all of that said, there are a lot of SEO agencies out there, so hiring the right one can seem tough. Here’s how to do it.

Look Up Agencies in Your Area

This is the simplest step of all. Get out the proverbial “phone book” and see who’s in your area.

In all seriousness, though. Just go on your phone or laptop and look in your area. That will give you a few places to start.

Do They Serve Your Industry?

Pick the top three or five or so that appeal to you. Visit their websites and get a feel for them. Do they have a professional polish?

After this, check out their sitemap or search their website for industries served. All things being equal, you want them to have experience in your industry.

Perform an Organic Search

Once you have a few that appeal to you and serve your industry, pick out a few relevant keywords.

For instance, if you are looking for a fashion SEO agency, type in “fashion SEO services,” “eCommerce SEO for fashion,” or “fashion SEO agency.” Be relatively specific with these keywords.

You want to make sure that the agency you’ve been researching shows up on page one.

Is There Proof of Results?

If you can verify that your intended lead is ranking on page one, then check out their website once more looking for actual results. 

What you should be looking for here are case studies, client portfolios, or other success stories with metrics that prove that the agency can deliver on its promises. It should also be apparent that this eCommerce SEO company in question has several years of experience.

These are about as good as it gets in digital marketing since you’re taking a big risk any time you hire anyone, let alone an eCommerce SEO agency.

Check Reviews

The next step is to check reviews. Reviews and client testimonials that appear on the agency website are alright but not the best because these may be heavily biased. 

Instead, check off-site, disinterested forums for reviews. For instance, check out Google reviews. You can also check out places like Clutch or UpCity. 

These places are more likely to have fair, unbiased reviews.

Call Them and Feel Them Out 

Once you are confident the eCommerce SEO agency that has caught your attention can deliver, it’s time to call them.

Don’t let them lead the entire conversation. Tell them about your goals up front and pay close attention to the objections you hand them.

Do not settle for an agency that meets objections with deflection. You need a partner in this, not just another company looking out for its own skin.

If you get a genuinely good feeling and truly think your objections have been handled fairly, proceed toward agreeing on a plan.

Agree on a Plan and Get Started

This is the easiest step after step one. Just work out a scope of work with the project and get started.

Hiring an eCommerce SEO Agency Today: Better Than Waiting Till Tomorrow!

Since SEO is a long-term game, the best time to have hired an eCommerce SEO agency was years ago.

But there’s no use crying over spilled milk. You can only make decisions today to benefit you in the future, not change the past.

Therefore, find that agency and make a strategic partnership with them today for the long haul. The long-term benefits for your online business are in it!

Kevin Peter