7 Tips to Ace the Toughest Section of the IELTS Exam

IELTS exam
IELTS exam
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When it comes to choosing the toughest section of the IELTS exam then every candidate has his own weaknesses and experience. Some candidates find the listening section as the toughest section. While others find the speaking or writing section toughest. But the section of the IELTS exam that gives goosebumps to a majority of candidates due to its complexity is the reading section. According to many experts, the reading section is the section that hampers a vast crowd of candidates from achieving an excellent IELTS exam score.

There is no denying the fact that in India, candidates are well-accustomed to reading English as this used to be a compulsory subject during academics. But still, due to the complexity of the paragraphs of the reading section, many candidates face trouble in excelling in the section. If you are also struggling to ace the reading section, then this article is meant for you. The article will throw light on 100% working tips to ace the toughest section of the IELTS exam i.e. the reading section.

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Ace the reading section of the IELTS exam with the help of the following pointers:


When you will start reading the paragraphs then, you feel perplexed for a while. Trying to gain focus over and over on the paragraphs will consume your time. Therefore, be wise and practice studying all the paragraphs with a sharp focus and activeness. So that, you won’t have to work hard on bringing your back to the paragraphs over and over.

Be quick

You have to gain expertise in comprehending the passages quickly and resting the right answer in your mind. Otherwise, excelling in the reading section of the IELTS exam is going to be very hard for you. You must work hard on accelerating your ability to comprehend the passage quickly and eating the right answer in just one reading.

Know the types of questions

You may be asked to label the diagram, fill in the blanks, or other kinds of questions to check if you have comprehended the paragraphs correctly or not. Remember, you will not be required to answer a one-word answer. Therefore, don’t assume that the reading section of the IELTS exam is going to be very easy for you.

Vocabulary and sentence structure

While reading the text, you will face a very high level of vocabulary and sentence structures. A candidate having proficiency in English vocabulary and different sentence patterns can easily ace the reading section. Therefore, don’t step back when it comes to learning new words and improving English grammar,

Read the questions first

There is nothing wrong with taking a glance at the questions first before you start. Remember, we are advising you to just take a glance at the questions. You must be very wise to disperse your time in every activity as you have a very short time slice to answer the questions. This will help you take note of the important lines that will seem relevant to the questions of the IELTS exam.

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Skim and scan

To attempt the paper on time, many experts often suggest that the candidate must imply the technique of “skim and scan”. Well, in this technique, you don’t pay attention to every word written in the paragraph. Instead, you just look for the main ideas in the paragraph and comprehend them quickly. It is advisable to practice this trick first on the sample papers.

Reading skills

Well, you have an ample number of sources that can help you ingrain great reading skills. Such as novels, biographies, short stories, newspapers, etc. Make reading your habit and spend at least half an hour reading your favorite book or newspaper. This will surely help you develop exceptional reading skills.

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Lastly, practice sample papers as much as you can to get familiar with the important things relevant to the IELTS exam. Merely solving a single sample paper will help you take your IELTS exam preparations on the right track.

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