8 Proven Ways to Protect Your Home from Pests and Bugs

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Here are some helpful tips to protect your home from infestations:

  1. Seal Entry Points

Make sure you seal all possible entry points with spray or other home remedies, so the pests and bugs will not have access. Identify even the littlest passageway in your house, and do not let the tiny creatures through that seal it. Install screens on your doors and windows.

  1. Don’t just leave food uncovered. 

Trash bins should always stay outside the house, and never forget to keep them close so the rats and other pests will not have a feast in your garbage.

  1. Inspect and check 

Every inch of your garden needs inspection for insects and bugs like ant hills, termites, and even cockroaches.

  1. Eliminate pests’ habitat. 

In this way, they won’t be able to come back as quickly as possible or by all means forever.

  1. Clear the infested areas

Including the eggs, because pests breed fast once they get comfortable in a particular place.

  1. Do not give them a place to hide.

Do not underestimate their ability to hide or outsmart them. Make sure you check all fissures on your walls and floors, behind portraits, dark spots in your house, and under the carpets and rags. 

  1. Avoid stagnant water

Wet surfaces can also be perfect for them to prosper, so all your pipes should be looked over. The bathroom can also be a good place for them to start growing, so be careful.

  1. Tidy up

A clean house is ideal for humans, not for pests and bugs. Keeping your house swept, vacuumed, and clutter-free will significantly help diminish the pests and bugs problem. Wash linens, curtains, bed sheets, and other clothing with warm water to kill other bugs unseen by the naked eye.

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Be more vigilant of pests.

Pests and bug infestation can happen at any period of the year. They would love to come to your place for free food and shelter. It is convenient for them to breed and make a colony. So before it all happens, we must stop the invasion using DIY or, best, calling professional pest control to settle it for you.

Having indoor plants also increases the chance of pests and bugs living with you. You must place your plants outside during monsoons because they will attract more insects and pests. A clean house is a big chance of minimizing the chaos the problems will transport.

There are certain plants you can have that will repel pests and insects. These plants are perfect for indoor use, especially on your patio or just by the door and windows to help the annoying critters off your property.

Some natural repelling plants are:

  • Citronella grass
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lemon grass
  • Marigold
  • Neem
  • Mint
  • Tulsi

If you have bushes in your garden, trim them so they will be easy to maintain, checking for insects and bugs hiding beneath them. Spray your garden with insecticide to keep the pests away from your surroundings. Start cleaning outside your lawn and your house to eliminate the other problems that are about to start moving into your garden.

Sharing your dwelling with pests is undoubtedly not an admirable place to call home anymore. Remember the disease these bugs and problems can do to you and your family. If ever you notice a sign of having them in your place, you better call the exterminators to get rid of them before sorry takes rest. The heat treatment services in Lavallete can help you. 

Always remember:

  • To maintain a clean house
  • Seal all cracks and breaks, no entry, no bugs to worry about.
  • Wash and change lines regularly. Change curtains and inspect the area. Wash all with warm water.
  • Wash the utensils, too. Your leftovers can be their feast.
  • Keep all food covered and secure with a tight lid.
  • Empty your trash and put it outside your house.
  • Have some repellant plants
  • Spray with some repellent oils inside and outside your house if you prefer to stay organic.

Keeping your house clean and hygienic is the most effective way to from bugs and pest infestation in your abode. You can also have a quarterly check up from the pest control experts. Try contacting heat treatment services in Lavallete for queries. Doing this will save you from trouble and so much stress from worrying about the infuriating creatures. Keep them off your home and enjoy a happy place to share with your loved ones.

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