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Twitter feed embedding on website
Twitter feed embedding on website
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Twitter is the best approach to flaunt your social presence. It is a one-in-all place where you can find entertainment, news, updates, fun, social causes, and much more. From large to small businesses, this social media platform works as a miracle for developing a strong brand reputation.

It is the best platform to grow your business by connecting with leads, promoting, sharing information and news about the brand, and building an impactful relationship with your customers.

If you are active on Twitter you must have come across the idea of embedding your Twitter feed on your website to provide social evidence and enhance credibility in your visitors. There are many social media aggregation platforms to help you achieve the same.

You can display a live Twitter feed on your website with the help of these Twitter Aggregator Tools. This blog will guide you through various tools you can use to embed your Twitter feed on your website.

Top 9 tools to embed Twitter Feed on your website

Here is a list of top tools for Twitter feed embedding on website.

1.   Taggbox Widget

Taggbox is a social media aggregator which helps its users to create creative Twitter Widgets. These are no-code, easy-to-embed solutions and are one of the best quality of this platform. You have full control over designing your widget using the customization feature and displaying only relevant content that is in line with your website requirements using the moderation feature.

Users are also provided with various advanced features like custom CSS which can be used to enhance your widget and make it more attractive. The analytics feature allows you to monitor, measure, and analyze how your widget is performing on the website.

2.   Taggshop

Leading eCommerce brands use Taggshop in order to drive sales, and conversions, and boost social proof. This platform creates and publishes shoppable galleries for your website. Apart from this Taggshop allows you to create visual UGC lookbooks, product page galleries, and much more.

You can embed Twitter feeds on your website with Taggshop in the form of visual UGC lookbooks where you can transform your Twitter reviews and ratings into lookbooks with real and genuine visuals to boost social presence.

3.   Twitter Widget

Twitter itself offers its users to embed tweets on their website. You can choose whichever tweets you wish to embed, you can choose your own tweets, other public Twitter timelines, or any other specific Twitter posts.

Twitter offers you with linear and compact widgets which are simple yet impressive to your visitors. There are various themes and layouts you can choose from.

4.   Onstipe

Onstipe helps you develop a social wall using Twitter which are efficient and responsive. You can build your social proof with its long-lasting impact on the visitor’s mind. This platform is compatible with Twitter and has a plethora of themes and layout which can be used to develop impressive Twitter wall.

You have a variety of features like custom CSS, moderation, profanity filter, CTA buttons and many more. They have flexible priving schemes as well giving various businesses to choose from depending on their budget.

5.   Elfsight

Elfsight offers you with responsive and customizable ways to display your Twitter feeds on your website. These widgets help you grow your overall business and increase engagement. You can get new followers, encourage people to retweet your posts and build trust by offering authentic content.

6.   Everwall

Everwall helps you display attractive social media walls in a customizable way. It is a great approach to drive user engagement thereby increasing SEO traits and overall brand performance. This platform offers you a user-friendly interface with which you can embed twitter feeds on your website effortlessly.

7.   Tweetwally

Tweetwally is a tool that allows you to develop a Tweetwall by organizing and displaying your live Twitter feed on the website. You can create Twitter walls using usernames, mentions, keywords and hashtags.

Tweetwally customizes your search results and provides you with a URL which can be used to embed Twitter on websites or to showcase Twitter feeds on digital screens during any events. This is a completely free platform that provides with many benefits and helps you build a positive reputation and trust.

8.   Tintup

Tintup is a platform that helps you embed every post that the user create for you. This platform can curate feeds from various social media platforms, one of them is Twitter. It helps you look deeper into the customer behavior to understand them properly and increase your sales by providing what they need the most.

9.   Hootfeed

Hootfeed is a Twitter integration platform that allows you to embed and display Twitter feed on your website in a customizable and efficient manner. The widgets created a highly responsive. You have customizable and moderation features to make your widget look just perfect. Hootfeed also offers you with analytics tool with which you can measure and analyze insights about how your Widget is performing to make it more attractive and engaging.


You now have an idea about the various tools that can help you embed your Twitter feed on your website. It’s up to you which tool you find the best and suits the majority of your needs. Offer your visitors a lively and perfect experience with real-time Twitter interaction, user-generated content, and much more.

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