A guide to the process of purchasing perfume

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It may turn out to be a cause of surprise for you, but perfumes for men and women are separate. Normally feminine fragrances are associated with women whereas it is the case with masculine fragrances when it comes to men. The only way to decide how to decide is what is the best perfume price in UAE and go through the product description in detail. This is going to provide you with a fair idea of whether the perfume is for men or women.

What is the difference between the top note, middle note and the basic note

The segregation of perfume tends to take place in three notes that are the top notes, the middle note and the basic note. There is various material on the internet that is going to provide you with precise inputs relating to the same.

Top note

The moment you apply the fragrance you are expected to smell it. Coming to the top note the smell is expected to last for 10 minutes to 15 minutes on average and it is fair to say this happens to be a first impression fragrance. The moment you go on to apply the fragrance you can go on to feel the impact of the same.

Medium note

This is also referred to as the heart note. It is going to start off after the top note trims down. They along with the base note form the signature of the perfume. The moment when you buy perfume online you need to give due attention to both these notes. But if you are applying this perfume at your place of work ensure that it is a mild one.

Base note

Once the middle note dies a natural death the base note tends to take over. This smell is expected to last somewhere between 12 hours to 24 hours.

The process of buying perfume online

You may head over to your nearest physical store or hop on to an online store when you are about to buy a perfume. If you are in love with that perfume, you may go on to purchase the perfume without any fuss. The only flip is that you can at the most go on to try 3 to 4 perfumes. After doing this your nose may lose out on the ability to identify which is the right form of perfume. So, make sure that you keep a limitation on the number of perfumes you are going to try. But if you are keen to try out the base note then make sure that you do this after 30 minutes of trying out. Going forward you are not going to expect the best deals since it is marketed by luxury products.

Finding the right type of perfume both online and offline seems to be a difficult task. If you have already used a few of the perfumes, then you need to go ahead and purchase the right one. For example, if your love a particular fragrance that your friend loves you can go on to opt for the same. Do expect problems to arise if you are going to purchase a perfume for the first time. Yes, it is going to be a trial-and-error method as if you like a particular brand of perfume, you can always add it or reduce it from your list. The online retailers, is bound to get discounts too. Only one precaution is noticed, check out for the customer reviews, and make sure that you are purchase from a reputed store of getting the separate perfume.

A cautious approach when it comes to the choice of a perfume?

It may be obvious that you could be allergic to a few types of smells. If this is the case you need to check out the product description about the products or the ingredients that are part of it. When it comes to asthma patients, they need to be careful about the type of perfume that is to be chosen because it can lead to asthma attacks.

Which is the right place to be applying the perfume?

The perfume smells should blend with the natural scent of your body. Once it mixes with your body it goes on to formulate their unique type of scents. The only point of consideration that we need to be aware is that the perfume should be applied only in the warm areas of the body so that you may easily blend with the same. There are a few places like the back of the neck or the back of the ears where the perfume is expected to stay for a considerable period of time. An added area is the inside of the wrist that deserves a special mention.

It is to be said that there is no specific guideline that you need to keep in mind when you are applying a perfume. Just you need to ensure that it is safe to apply and in good condition is going to serve you for a longer period of time

  • It is suggested that you spray the perfume at least 7 to 8 inches from your body
  • Make sure that you do not ensure a perfume nozzle contact with the body
  • The perfume is to be kept away from hot places that could lead to a series of chemical reactions.
  • The perfume should not be mixed with scented cosmetics. An example is that you should not be apply heavy scented moisturizer if you are applying perfume. What it means is that you will not get the desired smell that you want. There is always bound to be a risk with over reacting chemical components.
  • If you are stepping out during the day time make it a point that you are applying day time fragrance. On the other hand when it is the night time thing do resort to night time perfume.

These are the tips that you need to keep in mind before purchasing a perfume.