A To Z Details Of Wavlink Extender Setup

wavlink extender setup
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With the help of the Wavlink extender setup, you can easily increase the speed of the router. Do you know how you can increase the speed of the Wavlink Router? If ‘No’ then read this post. 

Note: Prior to doing the setup of the Wavlink extender, first you will need to login into the Wavlink extender. 

How To Login Into Wavlink Extender

To go into the login page of the Wavlink extender, consider these few steps. 

  • In the beginning, connect your Wavlink extender to the host router. 
  • Now, type wifi.wavlink.com in the address bar of a browser. 
  • After that, the login page of the Wavlink extender will be open on your display. 
  • Now, fill login requirements and hit the login button to complete this process. 
  • Last, you can see the setup page of Wavlink extender on your screen. 

Conditions For Wavlink Extender Setup Method

You can either use any one way from these two ways for the setup of the wavlink WiFi extender. 

  • Manual Method: This method consists of certain steps and pre-requirements. This method does not involve any intervention of the WPS settings. 
  • By WPS Method: It is similar to a manual process. The WPS method requires a specific step to execute along with pre-requirements. In this process, you will require a WPS button or other relative settings. 

Setup Wavlink Extender- By Manual Method

  • First, attach your wall socket to the power plug of the Wavlink WiFi extender and turn it on. 
  • Place both extender and router closer to each other, until the setup process of the Wavlink extender is complete. 
  • Now, connect your WiFi device to the Wavlink_EXT network. 
  • After that, open any type of navigation and type ap.setup in the address bar. 
  • Thereafter, a new setup page will now open on your screen.
  • Lastly, consider on-screen instructions step by step. 

Setup Wavlink Extender- By WPS Method

  • Place the power plug of the Wavlink extender in an electrical outlet.
  • Make sure to place your Wavlink extender closer to the router. 
  • Push the WPS button of Wavlink extender. 
  • After that, push the WPS button of an existing router in two minutes.  
  • Wait for a few minutes to see a stable green LED. 
  • As a result, the connection between the extender and the router is successfully done. 

After trying out these above two methods, your Wavlink extender setup is successfully and completely done. 

Note: After setup of the Wavlink extender, if you are facing any type of issue then try these few troubleshooting tips. 

Change Location Of Wavlink Extender 

The best placement for the Wavlink WiFi extender is the halfway location of your computer or host router. The Wavlink extender must be in the wireless range of the router. The gap between the extender and the router should be minimum. 

See all cable connections 

Check all the wired connections. If you see any damaged wire then change it with a new one. With the help of this, we hope your Wavlink extender issue is solved. 

Update Software Of Wavlink Extender

After trying out the above-mentioned three tips, if your issue is not solved then try another tip. We suggest updating the firmware of the Wavlink extender. Consider these steps. 

  • Launch a browser on your device.
  • Type wifi.wavlink.com in the address box. 
  • After that, the login page of the Wavlink extender will open on your display. 
  • Fill in the details which are required on display. 
  • Further, you will enter in the Wavlink extender settings. 
  • Now, tap on the administration option. 
  • Below the administration option, tap on the extender firmware update. 

If you fail, after trying all the above methods then try this last method. 

Reset Wavlink WiFi Extender

Note: After the reset of Wavlink WiFi extender you will need to do the setup again. 

  • First, find the reset hole button.
  • Moreover, the reset hole button is mainly located on the back side of an extender. 
  • Press that hole with a paperclip for eight to ten seconds. 
  • Make sure, don’t press the hole with pressure.
  • As a result, the reset of the Wavlink WiFi extender is done.

We hope, after trying out all the above-mentioned methods, your Wavlink extender not working issue is now solved. 


In this post, you have learned about setup, login, and troubleshooting issues of the Wavlink extender. Today, I am very happy because you read my post. 

Kevin Peter