Advantages & Disadvantages Of GB WhatsApp APK

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Advantages Of GB WhatsApp APK

Although there are many benefits to GB WhatsApp, here are the top.

1. Hide last seen:

This feature is also available on WhatsApp. This feature is available on WhatsApp too, I’m sure. GB WhatsApp also has the ability to hide your last sightings from certain people.

2. Theme:

Another sugar cube. You can modify the theme, color, or icon of the application. To do this, you will need to download and install the theme.

3. Texts deleted

It would be great to recover deleted messages and chats. Ever wondered? GB WhatsApp makes this possible by allowing users to recover all texts that they have deleted.

4. Pin the chats

WhatsApp allows users to pin only three chats. Isn’t that amazing? What makes GB WhatsApp so special is the fact that you can pin more chats.

5. Auto-reply:

Imagine how nice it would be to have someone else represent you! Royal! Royal! Let’s now move onto its disadvantages.

Disadvantages Of GB WhatsApp File

GB WhatsApp comes with some drawbacks that may make you reconsider your mind. Let’s get into it.

1. Website:

GB WhatsApp does not have its own official website, unlike WhatsApp. Indirectly, this means that there are no guarantees for data breaches. You cannot report it or do anything if it does happen.

2. Google verifies the authenticity of this certificate

You may be wondering why GB WhatsApp is not available on the Play Store. It doesn’t comply with the terms and conditions of either the Apple App Store or Play Store. It is also unsafe to use.

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3. Malware and viruses

You can’t install GB WhatsApp on a secure and official server. There is always the possibility of malware or viruses infecting your device.

4. End-to-end encryption

WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption policy makes it safe. GBWhatsApp Pro does not have any such policies and any third parties can intrude on your privacy. There is a possibility that your pin or password might be disclosed to someone other than the person you are sending messages.

GBWhatsApp has many advantages, but also some very dangerous disadvantages. Most people overlook the cons and continue to use the app. GBWhatsApp will not replace WhatsApp in the near future.

The cons are often worse than the pros, as most people know. It might have a secure website that can make it more trustworthy.

Kevin Peter