Advantages of Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete Surrey
Ready Mix Concrete Surrey
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Mini Mix Concrete

RMC or Ready mix concrete is prepared/mixed in batch plants to meet specific requirements. The mixed batch is then transported to the construction site in barrel trucks or “in-transit mixers”. The transported mixture is in a plastic state and is ready to use. Mixing can also be done on-site with the raw materials transferred in a dry state via volumetric concrete mixers. These are then mixed on the construction site and used wherever required. Ready mix concrete is a blend of aggregates, cement such as portland cement, and water. The aggregates commonly include crushed stone, gravel, and sand. Admixtures are often used for improving workability and enhancing setting time. Ready-mix concrete has several advantages over conventional concrete. However, before we discuss these advantages, let us first look at the different types of ready-mix concrete

Types of RMC

Whether it is Ready Mix Concrete Surrey or elsewhere in the UK, it is usually divided into three types. These include:

  1. Transit mixed
  2. Shrink mixed
  3. Central mixed

Transit mixed concrete

Transit-mixed concrete is also known as dry-batched concrete. All the ingredients, including aggregates and water, are fed to the truck mixer drum, which revolves at charging speed during and after the constituents have been fed. This type offers three different uses.

  • Mixed at site: During transit, the mixing drum revolves slowly, usually at 2 rpm. On reaching the construction site, the speed is increased to 12 – 15 rpm to ensure homogeneous mixing.
  • Mixed in transit: The drum revolves at 8 rpm for 70 revolutions during transit. After that, the drum is slowed down, and the speed is reduced to 2 rpm till the application of the concrete.
  • Mixed in the yard: Drum speed of 12- 15 rpm is maintained for around 50 revolutions in the yard, and speed is reduced to 2 rpm from thereon.

Shrink mixed concrete

Shrink-mixed concrete is partially mixed at the mixing plant while the remaining mixing is carried out in trucks mounted with drum mixers during the transit.

Central-mixed concrete

Concrete is thoroughly mixed before transit. During transit, the truck-mounted mixer acts only as an agitator.

Advantages of ready-mix concrete

Highly customizable

Ready-mix concrete can be customized to meet any specifications. The ratios of the individual components can be easily adjusted to meet any construction requirement. As it is produced in batches, it offers incredible adaptability and can cater to different construction activities within the same project.

Ready Mix Concrete Surrey
Ready Mix Concrete Surrey


The quality of the individual constituents of ready-mix concrete influences the overall quality of the final blend. The mix ratios can be easily changed and controlled to achieve the desired quality. Batch production allows contractors to change the mix if the produced batch is not of the expected quality. Whether you need Mini Mix Concrete Delivery or higher volumes, ready mix concrete enables contractors to ensure consistency. The process can be continuously monitored to produce high-quality batches.


Construction projects are often time-bound. Higher construction time often translates into higher costs. Delays in the construction project can increase the overhead cost considerably. The preparation, as well as application of ready-mix concrete, saves considerable labour costs and construction time. On-site batch mixing offers even greater benefits than in-transit mixing or factory preparation. Ready-mix concrete can save money on several fronts. As the batches are produced according to the required volume, there is no excess production and, therefore, no wastage. There is also no need to store raw materials on site; therefore, you also save storage costs.


Ready-mix concrete uses less water and wastes none. Manual mixing often results in the wastage of water and other resources. Any excess production can be easily recycled and used when it comes to ready-mix concrete. The production process is eco-friendly and does not lead to pollution. Bagged cement releases cement dust which can cause several health issues, such as skin and lung diseases. There is no cement dust in ready-mix concrete.

High Durability

As Ready-mix concrete offers considerable control over the quality, the final blend creates structures with high durability. The best industry standards can be conveniently met by ensuring good quality of the individual components and the best mix ratios.

Higher reach

Ready mix concrete can be easily pumped for application even in locations where labour cannot reach. This makes it highly useful for construction sites with restricted access. Whether it is the construction of basements or on floors with low headroom, the on-site pumping of ready-mix concrete enables contractors to carry out construction activities regardless of access.

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