All You Need To Know About Builder Gel Nails

All You Need To Know About Builder Gel Nails
Need To Know About Builder Gel Nails
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The world of nail cosmetics is expanding daily, and innovations are introduced now and then to the market to facilitate nail enthusiasts, and why shouldn’t they be? After all, nail decoration has always been popular among women as they love to adorn their nails with polishes that match their personalities.

Alongside the popularity of gel and acrylic nail art, natural-looking nails coated with builder gels are also becoming increasingly famous nowadays. Builder gel nails in London can strengthen your nails, stay on for 2-3 weeks, and look so classy and well-finished that they will instantly grab people’s attention and leave a good impression of you on them.

What Is Builder Gel?

 Builder gel is like nail polish as it performs the same function of beautifying the nails. It’s just more strong and more long-lasting. It forms a protective layer over the nails and nourishes them for better growth while strengthening their outer appearance. These builder gel manicures consist of two steps:

  • Application Of Builder Gel

Builder gel creates a neater and even layer over the original nail when applied. This layer should be given some time to settle on the nails. A nail polish, too, could be used to it and then cured with a UV or LED lamp so that its particles may bond together and stick with the gel strongly. The curing will ensure the polish stays hard and long on your nails. The gel also contains nourishing ingredients that promote the growth of the original nails underneath.

  • Polishing Builder Gel With A Topcoat

Applying a top coat over builder gel is just as important as coating other nail polishes with it. It is a necessary step that will make your nail polish chip-resistant. After all, most people go for builder gel nails for the ability to last long.

Why Should You Shop For Builder Gel Nail Polish:

  1. Its core components improve nail structure and lead to healthy growth.
  2. You can use them as a base coat too, and then apply a nail polish of your choice on top
  3. If you have short nails, you can create longer nails on top with builder gels
  4. They are available in a wide variety of shades

How Does The Builder Gel Magic Work

Builder gel nails in London are extremely famous. That is so because they enhance not only the look of your nails and your health. Yes, they have ingredients that repair the nails by activating the making of healthy nail cells, improving the growth of nails, and making them hard and strong. They can improve the appearance of your rough nails tenfold by filling in the cracks, creating a shiny, even cover over your nail, and providing them with nourishment through their vitamin-based components.

If you want their nails to look flawless and healthy, you should shop for builder gel nails in London. Here’s a quick summary of their many benefits:

  • They can be applied over cuticles to achieve the effect of bigger nails
  • They fill in cracks and make your nails look less rough
  • Can give your nails the smoothest finish
  • Contains vitamins and other nutrients that can improve the health of nails
  • They can lead to healthy cell growth in nails

Components Of Builder Gels

  1. Vitamin B3: a form of it, namely nicotinamide, is in a large ratio to other products. This is the vitamin our bodies use to produce new cells.
  2. Sesamol: present in small amounts in builder gels, it is used because of its wound-healing properties.
  3. Tocopheryl Acetate: a vitamin with antioxidant properties. It becomes the nails’ barrier against dangerous UV radiation.
  4. Vitamin C: due to antioxidant properties, it keeps nails safe from free radicals.
  5. Alpha-Hydroxy Acids: another antioxidant that protects nails against free radicals

How Long Do Builder Gel Manicures Last?

Builder gel nails usually last from 2 to 3 weeks but can sometimes last even longer. Because they protect nails from ultraviolet radiation and different chemicals, the amount of time they last depend on the damage they are subjected to. Another factor their durability depends on is the quality of the gel used and how well it is applied. Therefore, you should use branded gels of the highest quality standards and keenly follow the instructions given on the Manuel while you are applying you using builder gel nails in London. Also, ensure that you cure the final look with UV or LED light because that helps harden the gel and makes sure it sticks firmly to one’s nails.

Prepare Your Nails Before Applying Builder Gel And/or Nail Polish:

It is imperative to cut, shape, and file your nails before applying any nail polish. The same is the case for builder gels. If you want an excellent finish, you should prep your nails before applying any builder gel nail polish. You can follow these easy steps to prepare your nails:

  • Clean The Canvas

Before applying any cosmetic onto the skin, one must clean the latter thoroughly. The point of getting a manicure, and especially builder gel nails in London, is to have a clean and classy look. Thus you must get rid of any dirt or dust particles in your cuticles before applying a builder gel nail polish on them to get the best results possible. You can do a thorough cleanup of nails by wiping them with nail polish remover and/or rubbing alcohol; the two agents are very famous for their cleansing properties.

  • Coat Your Nails With A Gel Primer:

For an even and seamless application of the main builder gel nail polish, prime your nails beforehand with the help of a gel primer. Types of primers you can use include: long-lasting, glossy, acidless primer, and UV/LED gel primer.

  • Builder Gel Application

Time to apply your favorite builder gel! Just spread it evenly on your nails.

  • Let It Dry

After applying your builder gel, give it some time and let it settle on your nail. Apply nail polish only after your gel is completely dry. Otherwise, you might end up ruining the whole look. If you are using UV gel, don’t forget to cure it under UV/LED light.

Final Word:

Now that you know all about builder gel nail polishes, you are all set to shop for builder gel nails. Just follow the instructions, and voila! You should be good to go. Just note one thing, buy high-quality gels and colors of your choice so that you may be able to see the best results.