All You Need To Know About Panchakarma Spa Treatment

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Before we directly dive into Panchakarma, it is important to know Ayurveda first. The ancient and graceful healing method known as Ayurveda was originally mentioned in ancient Vedic literature some 5 millennia ago as thorough lessons on keeping and sustaining health. This knowledge and science are still intact and used all around the globe is proof of the efficacy of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda’s fundamental goal is to activate your body’s natural capacity to maintain equilibrium via the use of simple yet deep principles. Many contemporary indigenous societies share these similar values, particularly the notion of the significance of reestablishing equilibrium or stability in order to nurture good health.

This knowledge is not tempered and is still intact in its original form to this day. Among Ayurveda’s many branches of knowledge is Panchakarma, which is a body cleansing and reestablishing the connection of your mind and soul. In this treatment, you clean all the physical and mental cluttering and start a fresh start.

What do the scriptures say about this ancient knowledge?

Panchakarma is primarily a purification treatment; it removes accumulated pollutants from the psyche and physical body system. Pancha is a Sanskrit word that translates to “five”. And the word “karma” means “activity,” alluding to five distinct Ayurvedic purification and rejuvenation techniques.

Even though there were not as many reasons for unwholesome deposition in the human body at the time it was originally established centuries ago, a complex panchakarma detoxification regimen was still required. Panchakarma may be very beneficial in today’s world when unhealthy and less nutritious food, tension, and environmental pollution are everywhere.

People around the globe are widely embracing this traditional Indian knowledge. Many spa massage parlors have started this treatment in their centers due to its growing popularity. It positively affects your body in countless ways, a few of which are mentioned in the next section.

A panchakarma treatment lasts for many days, providing an abundance of space for relaxation and time absorption of the whole experience. Each stage of the program has a specific goal and is intended to ultimately reestablish the human body’s natural capacity for self-healing.

The human body is highly adept at self-cleansing and has the ability to eliminate waste through a variety of pathways, including:

  • Excretion system
  • Small and large Intestines
  • Sweat ducts
  • Vascular system

There are 5 distinct treatments that are mentioned in the scriptures. These 5 treatments are offered in spas and rehabilitation centers around the world. These 5 treatments are given as follows.

  • Avuvasana Basti – it is a special enema for your body using medicated and herbal oils. These enema procedures involve treatment using natural oils, which are inserted into the human anus to expel the negative energy and physical disease. This treatment balances your digestive system and strengthens your body to naturally absorb food better. This treatment will help you to gain strength and immunity.
  • Nasya – it is a herbal medication that enters your body through the nasal passage. It is part of the Ayurvedic treatment which assists in removing impurities from the body. The head has sinus glands that oftentimes get stuffed with pollutants due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

In this treatment medical herbal liquids are poured into your nose and it reaches your sinuses, clearing and elevating you from all your mental stress. It significantly improves your mental well-being and you will achieve a peaceful mind. 

  • Virechana – it is a therapeutic purgation. It is a procedure that uses purgative which is to be ingested orally. These herbal medicines will deeply cleanse your entire body. Ayurveda diseases are caused primarily by Vata, Pitta and Kapha. With these medications the Pitta will be removed from your body and you will have an improved immune system.
  • Niruha Basti – this is another enema treatment using herbal medicine. This procedure involves the use of herbal concoction into the anus of the human body. A person has to lay on the ground facing the left side and the herbal device is put inside your body, to deliver the naturally made medications.
  • Vamana – this treatment involves medically induced vomiting, administered by professionals. Oral herbal medication is provided in order to remove the Kapha, a disease causing dosha. All the body’s harmful agents are expelled through the esophagus, making space for healthy enzymes and catalysts.

Key takeaway points

What is the point of panchakarma when your body already has a purification system? Consider the lifespan of a well-kept automobile and how far it will be driven. It will repay you with a lot of happy years if you give it proper maintenance and the care it requires. If you do not take care of your automobile, its components begin to deteriorate and its overall performance is inadequate.

The idea still holds true when the human bodies are more complicated than a machine. The human body and psyche require some external assistance. To feel strong and energized, you must have a well-maintained and harmonized body. It takes a little intentional effort to do this. So, to keep your biological engine up and running, book your Panchakarma treatment in your nearest spa massage parlor.