Ameet Parekh Announced Growth Hacking for Business Acceleration

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Business growth is among the most crucial parameters for which every entrepreneur looks. Ameet Parekh densifies an extremely scientific approach to business growth hacking. According to the leading business success coach, growth hacking is a series of actions business owners need to take in almost every area of the business to fast-track the timeline to achieve business goals.

Ameet expresses how after going through different Ameet Parekh Reviews, he noticed that most business owners need to focus on some crucial parameters to successfully implement growth hacking. Let’s understand what parameters he suggests business owners take care of.

Parameter # 1

  • Constantly Working on Innovation

Ameet declares this parameter as an essential foundation for every growth hacking activity. According to him, businesses that achieved exponential growth have applied innovation as a centre of their business strategy. To remove the confusion of entrepreneurs on what to innovate, Ameet explores the areas where business owners can apply innovation.

  • Products or Services

Business owners should focus on ways to serve customers with different or innovative products or services to look different from competitors.

  • Process

They should find ways to enhance consumers’ experience.

  • Strategies and Tactics

Look for ways to generate awareness among customers. Take care of their desires, and actions and focus on customer retention.

According to Ameet Parekh, by constantly focusing on these areas to innovate, business owners can acquire business growth hacking.

Parameter # 2

Integrating Technology

Technology is amongst the biggest contributors to hacking growth according to Ameet. He claims that the majority of small and medium businesses still operate in traditional ways. They use old-age technologies and don’t focus to integrate new technology or tools to automate or improve business efficiency. It restricts a certain department or business process to operate smoothly and the business never is able to grow exponentially.

Ameet tells that technology is available today to operate all major business functions smoothly. It can be used to:

  • Automate the Marketing Process

There are tools like Click funnels, Leadpages, Get response, Zapier, Hubspot, Knowlarity, and Kissmetrics to create the right marketing collaterals. They help businesses to:

  • Drive marketing communications and manage leads
  • Understand customer demographics
  • Collect useful insights and track daily growth

These tools help business owners to get absolute clarity about the cost of acquiring one prospect.

  • Technology can also be integrated into sales processes

Ameet defines sales force as a technology product to allow businesses to track their sales processes. While exploring different Ameet Parekh Reviews, it gets clear businesses can manage the entire sales journey using these pieces of technology. Technology tools help in identifying high performers in the sales team in the following ways:

  • Help in understanding the exact pipeline of consumers
  • To track how many customers are at the prospect stage
  • How many customers are at the requirement stage
  • How many customers are in the sales pitch phase
  • How many of them are under negotiations
  • How many deals have been closed
  • Technology can also be integrated into Business Operations

Ameet describes that with the help of CRM tools like Zoho, InfusionSoft etc. business owners can manage their entire customer base. These tools also help in handling queries and creating ticketing systems to offer solutions. According to Ameet Parekh, technology can also be integrated for so many more reasons:

  • For the faster rate of operations
  • To obtain more data and insights
  • Reducing costs to increase profitability

Parameter # 3

  • Becoming Customer Centric

Ameet tells that organisations that have successfully integrated growth hacking have reversely engineered their strategies. They have engineered their systems and tactics and know their customers better. Business owners with zero clarity in this area, get stuck while implementing business growth hacking.

To become a customer-centric organisation, businesses need to invest time, energy and efforts in understanding the following things:

  1. Understand Your Customers – defining demographics and psychographics
  2. Where are they spending time – understanding all online and online platforms where consumers are spending time for educational, entertainment or engagement purposes.

Ameet also advises business owners to take action and understand customers better as these things will help to understand what is driving customers to consume products and services. Ameet Parekh explains this with the help of an example. Uber started with a single-use case which was cabs on demand. If someone wants to travel from point A to point B, he/she will require Uber to book a ride.

This was the first of its kind app and in start-up language, it is considered a minimum viable product (MVP). Ameet advises business owners to think the same by figuring out in which different situations customers need their products and services. Then design the right marketing communications to attract customers at an exponential rate.

Ameet further references movie ticket sales. More than 60% of sales in the case come from the counter. Refer to online app as a better sales funnel in the same case creates a classic mistake.

Parameter # 4

Leveraging Content and Influence

Ameet explores leveraging content as the biggest game-changer in 21st century. It is vital for every business today to utilize the power of content creation unless you can lose the game of growth hacking. The leading business success coach points out different Ameet Parekh Reviews and indicates that by strategically creating different formats and pieces of content, numerous businesses have reached the top of the game of business growth hacking.

Formatted content can be further distributed through various channels where customers spend the most time. Ameet figures out areas in which content creation can help business owners to growth hack their businesses.

  • Content builds awareness around the problem that some products and services can solve

Ameet explores this point by giving the example of Uber. They didn’t market to book a cab and instead, they raised the following problems and marketed about:

  • Smelly cabs
  • Rude behaviour of the driver
  • Absurd pricing quoted by drivers
  • Denial of services by the cab driver

Ameet tells that Uber made the entire market aware of the specific set of problems and the company is existed to solve them. Similarly, business owners should focus on making customers aware of the problems so that they will ask for solutions.

  • Creating Content to Humanize Brand/Company

People find it difficult to connect with an organisation. Hence, Ameet tells business owners to create content to easily approach and connect with consumers. It can be done by:

  • Sharing stories of the origin of the organisation
  • Sharing stories of team members and their contribution
  • Sharing stories of achievements of various departments

Utilise this as an agenda for any B2B or B2C company to truly utilize the digital medium for hyper-growth.

  • Creating Content to educate customers about products and services

Ameet clarifies that everyone values information and more importantly structured information. As business owners, people need to create pieces of content to educate customers on:

  • How best to use their products and services
  • Why their products and services are different from any other brand
  • The dos and don’ts and much more

With such essential pieces of content, business owners can create a brand following to drive business growth. While determining the term influence, Ameet Parekh considers it as a strategic collaboration with people or organisations to influence target consumers. He again provides the reference of YouTube and Instagram to express how influencers use these platforms to talk about finance, investments and savings. Financial consultants can collaborate with these content creators to influence people who follow that particular content creator.

Ameet tells business owners that content is being created in almost every category, nature and form of industry that exists. They can find someone of influence with whom they can collaborate to leverage that influence and attract customers. To truly implement growth hacks in the business, business owners need to create a list of actions in each of the 4 areas suggested by the most sought-after business coach here.

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