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Irish citizens who hold a valid machine readable passport and who have acquired Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) approval may be eligible for the Visa Waiver Program. The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) enables citizens of participating countries to travel to the U.S. for tourism, business or transiting the U.S. for 90 days or less without obtaining a U.S. visa as long as they meet certain conditions. For more information about the VWP and ESTA, and the requirements for these, please visit the website of the US Embassy in Dublin.

If you do not meet the requirements for the VWP you may need to apply for a US visa. For more information about US visas, please visit the website of the US Embassy in Dublin.

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Emigrating from Ireland to the UK

In order to make your American dream a reality, you must first verify which type of immigration route best applies to your circumstances. 

It is important to know that the US categorises foreign applicants through its points-based-system for a visa. Generally speaking, applicants’ eligibility depends on their qualifications and education level, their nationality, work experience, and/or family links to the country. 

Fortunately, those with Irish citizenship do not need a visa to enter the United States for the purpose of visiting for up to 90 days. But, Irish nationals who wish to emigrate to the US permanently for work or to live with family must seek the appropriate visa and Green Card. 

The US welcomes family members of US citizens, skilled workers, students and entrepreneurs. However, it can be a complicated and lengthy process to be accepted as the US has particularly stringent criteria and strict controls on immigration. 

At the Immigration Advice Service, our team of legal experts and immigration attorneys will review your case, help you build a portfolio of supporting evidence and liaise with the appropriate authorities in the US throughout your application.  

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