Expert Advice on Writing a PhD-Level Law Essay

Writing Law Essay
Writing Law Essay
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Laws are the objective rules to govern the conduct of a society. They regulate societies and resolve conflicts. In this context, law essays are important in explaining a stance on legal issues. A law student has to certainly face the challenge of writing a legal essay. Unlike a simple essay, it requires certain protocols to be followed. However, writing a law essay at PhD level is even more difficult. It requires certain academic and legal standards to be maintained. A law student has to take a clear stance and then state strong arguments to defend it. Hence, it takes considerable expertise to write a good law essay at PhD level.

Expert Tips for Writing a Law Essay

In structure, a law essay is similar to a social science essay. Its essence, however, is distinct. It is critical to have clear and accurate articulation. In a legal essay, you must construct an argument and then connect the various ideas expressed in the argument. In addition, the writing should be formal and concise. Here are some expert tips for writing a good law essay at the PhD level.

1.     Concision and clarity

Shakespeare says that brevity is the soul of wit. Nothing is truer than this statement when it comes to writing a law essays. Your essay should only include relevant information. Irrelevant ideas have a very narrow margin in legal essays. Only necessary concepts and ideas should be presented in as few words as possible. It is because these essays are not subjective and are not affected by emotions. Clarity is another distinguishing feature of legal essays. Ideas must be expressed clearly in simple but legal language. It is critical to avoid ambiguous terms and concepts.

2.     Official and Objective

These are the most important characteristics of a legal essay. Laws, as previously stated, are objective. There is little room for subjective ideas and emotions. As a result, the primary requirement of a law essay is that the words be neutral. There should be no excessive emotion or subjectivity in the essay. When possible, a law student should use plain English. He or she must avoid overwrought English and complicated ideas.

3.     Comprehension of the Topic

It is critical not to rush into writing. You should first understand the topic completely. Break the topic down into smaller segments for analysis. You will gain a thorough understanding of the question in this manner. It will also assist you in gathering reliable information about your topic. A lack of understanding of the topic makes writing a legal essay difficult. Proper comprehension of the topic also allows you to easily meet the word count requirement.

4.     Extensive Investigation

It is one of the most important steps in writing a law essay at the PhD level. Writing an essay after conducting extensive research demonstrates the breadth of your knowledge. It also aids a student’s academic performance. Analyzing good research resources and quoting them in your essay are tools for making a good impression. Furthermore, prioritise primary research sources over secondary research sources. Reading more about the subject improves your understanding of it. It also allows you to properly structure your thoughts when writing a law essay.

5.     Planning

Plan your law essay after gathering research data. Paragraph by paragraph, structure your essay. Make quick notes about the structure of each paragraph and what you intend to write in it. Create an effective outline for the essay and each paragraph. The planning phase will take some time, but it will save you a lot of time later. Keep in mind that a stitch in time saves nine. Without planning, writing a law essay will result in structural errors. And this is the last thing you want when writing a PhD essay. As a result, effective planning will bear fruit in the end.

6.     Beginning Early

It is critical that you begin working on your legal essay as soon as possible. Delaying it will only result in stress later. It will degrade the quality of your writing. Delaying your essay will leave you with insufficient time to complete it. Even if you finish the essay, you will not have time to polish it. It is critical to maintain the standards of writing a good law essay at the PhD level. One of them is to begin early. It allows a law student to write his essay slowly and without feeling rushed. It also aids in the consolidation and improvement of the law essay over time.

7.     Making an Interesting Introduction

The introduction of a law essay determines the direction it will take. As a result, it is critical to write a concise yet comprehensive introduction. Your introduction serves as a road map for the rest of your essay. It also determines how the essay will approach the topic at hand. In the introduction, include a precise but comprehensive thesis statement. It determines your position on the legal matter. As a result, it must express your thought clearly and without ambiguity.

8.     Getting Help for Law Essay

Writing a law essay is a delicate matter that necessitates extensive knowledge. It differs from standard essays in that it requires legal jargon. Furthermore, legal arguments must be mentioned to prove your point.Thus, it is important to acquire law essay help while writing your essay. It aids in the removal of some burdens. It also prevents you from becoming overwhelmed while writing. Discuss it with your teachers and listen to their suggestions. If you find yourself stuck in a situation, reach out to your colleagues for advice. If necessary, seek professional assistance. You will be able to complete your legal essay more quickly this way.


Legal essays are distinct from other types of essays. They must be written using a different set of standards. They have a formal and objective tone to them. These essays must convey a clear concept in simple language. A thorough understanding of the subject is required. The essay must also be supported by research. It is critical to write a concise yet comprehensive introduction. As a result, you must follow the tips for writing a good law essay at the PhD level provided in this article.