App Builders: Build Your First Business App Easily

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It is mostly said that there is an application that owns over billion apps downloaded and more. the point is simple,  it has become a popular marketing tool. Creating an effective app for your business offers an effective and powerful way to engage with your customers in a fully new way. It may complement your existing marketing efforts, no matter that is email, social media or even offline.

Now, if you are scratching your head and thinking that you don’t know anything about building an app or you have no idea about coding and programming then relax. You can always choose a good and effective App builder for your building endeavours. You know what, you have to invest in app for your business as consumers do engage at a much higher rate at each step of the funnel through an app, in comparison to a website. 

Now, since you can use a builder to construct your app, you have to be mindful about how to go about the entire procedure. Here are some points that may be helpful for you to build your application.

Set the goals

First, you must consider what you really want your app to accomplish. This is going to help you come up with the right design and even format. You could want it to be completely information-based, for example, or even to convert customers. Each has different end-goals and even success metrics, so will require a different style of app. Whatever you pick , make sure it associates back to and has a proper measurable impact on  your business and overall marketing strategy.

Choose the right design 

A lot of application builders out there that will have pre-designed templates for you to simply pick  from. These are a great starting point for your app and you may tweak them later-on to your brand’s particulars. To simply speed things up, some application builders will even import existing information from your Facebook Business page. Remember that once you have chosen your template, you can change its colours, features, overall font, navigation style, even splash screen and other settings to make it suitable to your business. This step is critical to help differentiate your application and tie it into your overall branding. 

Similarly, remember that you can also upload particular types of images for your brand, or make use of stock type of imagery to help bring it to life. There’s many free stock type of photo sites that offer you artistic-looking pictures rather than the classic tacky stock photos.

Moreover, the features of your app are directly going to tie into its goals and the steps you actually want users to perform. If you want them to make an appointment, as an example , don’t forget to encompass a booking feature as well as calendar inside your app:

Work strategically on your content 

Content is a critical and effective part of your app and should associate with your app’s goals and your target audience. in case your app is somewhat going to be conveying information, then simply think about how your audience is going to like to receive it. They could be avid readers who really would like written information and even a blog shared via an RSS feed. Otherwise, they might even be more visual, so your app must definitely feature more imagery, graphics and even video. Some application builders even let you import videos right from YouTube. Hence, as per the options that the builder gets you, you can choose wisely.

The right application icon 

Now, you know the app icon is that little image that rests on your phone’s home screen that permits you to launch an app. It is absolutely vital to choose something eye-catching and even relevant so people instantly recognize it.  of course, it has to be trendy yet smart.  You can take inspiration from some of the most used applications out there  like Facebook has a clear ‘F’ style type of icon, at the same time as WhatsApp goes for a distinctive type of green and speech bubble. Such app icons are even updated every single year or so, to enhance them and encourage use. of course, you can be thoughtful about what exactly you are choosing when the icon thing comes to mind.

It is recommended to use a high-resolution image or even graphic that is 1024 x 1024 pixels in overall size. A pixelated icon is not really going to fascinate any users. You could want to design your icon distinctly in a graphics software like Photoshop and then simply upload it to the application builder you are using. So, literally play with the cion of your app and ensure that it has some sense to it.

Preview as well as launch your app

At this moment , you’ve almost finished the build of your app. Before making it live, simply preview it to make sure that you are absolutely happy with its look, functionality and even feel. Also check for any sort of errors, dead links to external websites and even typos. In case you have a trusted colleague or even group of your target customers you can simply run through it with them. such a thing helps to optimize the user experience and even checks for any sort of mistakes you could have missed.

The store where your application ends up is massively up to the plan that you pick with the application builder. Some are going to publish to the Apple and Google Play application stores, which are presently the largest. Others will simply offer a Progressive Web App (PWA), that is a blend of a mobile website and even app. It could take a little while before your app simply goes live as it requires to be checked against the criteria  of each store first.


To sum up, since you have a quick idea about how you can go about when building your application for your business, go for it now. These application builders have definitely made things simpler, faster , exciting and easy for you!