Apple’s Best-Selling vs Worst-Selling Products

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Apple has ranked impressively high in the tech world in the last two decades, with multiple new designs and a constant improvement in the technology of its electronics. Considering the highly competitive market, Apple keeps innovation as one of its most important objectives to avoid stagnant sales or, worse– decline. 

Being innovative means Apple has come up with many different gadgets and designs and introduced them into the market, including the Apple Watch, AirPods, and MacBook. According to, Apple has increased its sales revenue from $5.83 Billion to a staggering $387.54 Billion over the last two decades! However, with the new ideas, Apple has had its fair share of best and worst-selling products. Keep reading to find out more. 

Apple’s Best-Selling Product: 

Many Apple products have been the trendsetters in the tech world, but nothing gets close to Apple’s success with iPhones! You guessed it; the iPhone has been Apple’s most influential product to date. A game changer in the rise of smartphones, the iPhone has been Apple’s primary source of revenue, making up more than 50% of its sales. 

Due to its handy nature, stylish design, new processors, and impressive camera quality, the iPhone quickly rose to fame worldwide. 

With the increase in competition from rival tech companies, Apple has been adamant about bringing innovative changes to the iPhones with every new launch, gradually working on longer battery lives, compatible processors, larger RAM, and cameras that keep improving. Whether it’s a used iPhone or a brand new one from the Apple store, Apple has gathered many loyal buyers and made unceasing efforts to attract more customers. 

After the iPhone came the AirPods, which boosted the trend of wireless earbuds in the tech world, and paired perfectly with an iPhone. To this day, iPhone has remained at the top of Apple’s product list all across the globe. 

Apple’s Worst-Selling Product: 

With constantly trying to come up with something new in this competitive age, Apple has had a decent amount of failed products in terms of sales, accessibility, or cost. It’s bound to happen, considering people don’t want to just throw away their money over anything. 

The worst, however, has been the 2013 Mac Pro. Comically termed as the “trash can” both because of its shape or below-par performance, this product was Apple’s poor attempt at downsizing its full-sized tower Mac Pro, which is essentially a central processing unit with countless functions and essential features for pros. 

Although Apple’s attempt to turn it into a more compact, smaller gadget with the functions of a full-sized CPU was commendable, the practicality of this product was not as impressive. There were several problems with the cylindrical product; naturally, customers avoided it despite endorsements and talks of the new technology. 


Despite its tremendous success, Apple doesn’t stop its futuristic planning from working on creating new technology, with the world always looking forward to the launch of every new product and innovation to see what more Apple and iPhones have to offer. 

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