Applying for a Schengen visa for the Netherlands in New Zealand

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Empowering Students: Masai School's holistic approach to Education
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If you will be visiting the Netherlands for a maximum of 90 days – for a holiday, to do business or to see family, for example – you can apply for a Schengen visa. Follow the steps below to apply in New Zealand.

Information:You can also apply for a Schengen visa for Belgium, Finland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Norway, Slovenia or Sweden at the Netherlands’ visa application location in NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR NETHERLANDS CITIZENS

Step 1: Check before applying

Before starting your application, check whether you need a visa for the Netherlands and, if so, where you can apply for it.

Do I need a visa?

Where can I apply for a visa?

Step 2: Gather the documents you need

You need several documents to apply for a Schengen visa. Which ones you need depends on your purpose of travel.

Which documents do I need?

Step 3: Make an appointment

Once you have all the documents you need for your Schengen visa application, make an appointment at VFS Global. You can apply for your visa up to 6 months ahead of your trip NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR ITALIAN CITIZENS. Apply no later than 45 days before your trip.

How do I make an appointment?

Can someone else submit my application for me?

How can I change or cancel my appointment?

Step 4: Go to your appointment

Go to your appointment at VFS Global, and bring all the documents on your checklist from step 2 with you, plus the checklist itself.

See the address of VFS Global in Auckland

What happens at my appointment?

How much does a visa cost?

How long will it take for my application to be processed?

How can I track the status of my application?

Step 5: Collect your passport

You’ll receive an email once your application has been processed and you can collect your passport. The email won’t say whether your application was successful. If your application was approved, the visa will be affixed to a page in your passport.

Having your passport sent to you

Collecting your passport

Check the information on your visa

What if my application was refused?

Step 6: Prepare for your trip

With your Schengen visa you can travel to the Netherlands or another Schengen country. You must show the visa upon departure and arrival.

Border control may also ask you for other documents. Find out what other documents you need in the checklist for travelling to the Netherlands.

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