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The ESR Consultants in Dubai report for the financial year that ends on December 31 2022, and ESR Notification for the year that ended June 30 2023, have to be submitted by December 31, 2023.

According to ESR Consultants in Dubai the Economic Substance Regulations (ESR) apply to all companies and businesses that are registered in the UAE and within the Free Zones which perform any of the following relevant Activities during the fiscal year:

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Five Requirements of The UAE Economic Substance Test

The UAE has been implementing numerous regulations, such as VAT, and AML, to streamline the economy in line with international standards. The UAE Economic Substance Regulations (ESR) is the most recent in this line. Following the ESR regulations, companies operating in the UAE must prove the economic basis of the related activities they conduct inside the UAE. The businesses must first inform regulators whether they perform the relevant activities following the ESR, then check it against the requirements of testing the UAE Economic substance tests, and then submit an ESR report.

Businesses that fall within the scope of UAE ESR must prepare their strategies for each year’s UAE ESR notification and reporting. They also have to comply with the requirements for ESR, which is the UAE Economic Substance Test, to which expert advice from reputed ESR Consultants in Dubai service providers in Dubai, UAE, can be used. Companies need clarification about the requirements to pass the Economic Substance Test requirements, and this article will provide a thorough overview of the ESR Test Requirements.

Here are the five requirements that companies must meet to pass to be eligible for UAE Economic Substance Test:

Establish Core Income-Generating Activities in the UAE

It is noted that the UAE ESR guidelines include specific tasks related to each particular job, known as the core revenue-generating activity (CIGA). For instance, the CIGA of companies that carry their activities in bank business.

  • Fundraising, managing the risk of credit, currency and risk of interest
  • Incorporating hedge positions
  • Offering credit, loans or any other financial services
  • Making reports and managing capital to government officials or investors

To prove how to pass the UAE Economic Substance Test, the company’s employees must conduct the CIGA. But, it is essential to remember that CIGAs of the company must be carried out by personnel who happen to be UAE residents.

Control and manage the business from within the UAE

The Economic Substance Test assesses whether the company is managed and controlled by the UAE to ensure they hold a sufficient number of board meetings within the UAE. For every board meeting that is stored inside the UAE:

  • Directors with a quorum have to be physically present within the UAE
  • The minutes of the meeting must be recorded and signed by the UAE
  • Directors attending board meetings should have the knowledge and skills to fulfil their fiduciary responsibilities.

Employ Full-time Employees in the UAE

To prove how to pass the Economic Substance Test in Dubai, Companies must have a sufficient number of qualified full-time employees who must be physically located at all times in the UAE and carry out the CIGA. The ESR can consider directors’ employees to be subject to taking the Economic Substance Test if they perform and the fiduciary obligations. The regulations stipulate that directors reside at all times in the UAE and be present at the necessary meeting of their board business.

Operating expenses in the UAE

To pass the UAE Economic Substance Test requirements, businesses must ensure reasonable operating expenses are made within the UAE for the relevant activity. However, the Ministry of Finance has clarified that the ESR Consultants in Dubai does not intend to force companies to spend more than their budgets if they engage in genuine business activities and execute CIGA within the UAE.

Maintain Physical Assets of a sufficient amount in the UAE

According to the ESR guidelines, the businesses must either possess adequate amounts of physical assets in the UAE that are used to conduct the CIGA or have sufficient outsourcing expenditures for the relevant activity. The Ministry of Finance clarifies that the definition of “adequate” depends upon the nature and extent of the relevant activity.