Asana Vs Trello Key Differences & Pricing Described & Compared 2022

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This article compares the Key difference and pricing of Trello and Asana. In it, we will go over the key differences between these two software. This comparison will help you choose which software is right for your needs.

Asana Pricing

In terms of pricing, Trello pricing and Asana pricing are very similar. Both tools are great at managing projects and teams and have many useful integrations. Trello, however, is a bit more expensive and requires Power-Ups, which add additional features and integrations. While Trello has a free version of its Power-Ups, you can also choose to purchase paid versions. Depending on your needs, Power-Ups can cost as much as $1/user per month.

Premium plans provide advanced functionality like organization-wide permissions, public board management, and multi-board guests. Premium plans also include advanced admin features, such as user provisioning and advanced collaboration. While Asana’s free plan is very generous, it does have limitations. Premium plans have unlimited workspaces, organization-wide permissions, public board management, and multi-board guests. In addition, premium plans offer centralized visibility, organization-wide permissions, and Power-Up administration. Non-profit organizations can avail of a 50% discount on Asana’s premium plans.

Trello Pricing

Both Asana and Trello offer powerful product solutions for project management, collaboration, and workflow management. Although they are not completely interchangeable, each excels in certain areas. For example, Asana can handle a wide variety of management styles and is more customizable than Trello, and it also has more features.

Asana has a wider range of project management views, including board, list, and calendar views. The tool also has separate categories, which makes it easier to prioritize tasks. It can also be connected with a variety of third-party tools. For example, it can integrate with Microsoft Office, Salesforce, and HelpScout.

Trello was designed for businesses, not individuals. Although it is easy to use for personal projects, it’s more useful for businesses that have clear processes and intuitive software. The pricing model for Trello pricing is also transparent and straightforward. You can easily determine if you’ll need additional features and functionality without breaking the bank.

Key Differences & Pricing of Asana Software

Asana’s Enterprise tier supports features for large enterprises such as SAML, member de-provisioning, forced password reset, data export and deletion, and custom branding. Enterprise users also get priority support and the ability to block native integrations. The Enterprise tier is priced per user and is ideal for companies with hundreds or thousands of users.

Asana is available in free and paid plans, with both providing high levels of customization. While some users complain about Asana’s confusing pricing scheme, Asana’s paid plans offer robust integrations with popular team management tools. Asana also offers a free version with competitive features and a free trial of its Premium plan for 30 days.

Compared to other project management solutions, Asana’s intuitive interface makes it easy to use. Users can create project timelines from scratch, import CSV files, or modify shared timelines. Users can also add attachments and assign due dates to projects. The interface also makes it easy to mark start and end dates and note who is associated with each task.

Key Differences & Pricing of Trello Software

Asana is a project management application that emphasizes results, tracking, and teamwork. Its interface is based on a board-style structure and provides multiple views of tasks. Trello is similar but differs in terms of functionality and interface. While Asana offers more features, Trello has a streamlined interface and fewer features than Asana.

Both Asana and Trello offer a free plan. A free account lets you create as many tasks and projects as you need. You can also have up to 15 users. In addition, you have unlimited storage and cards. However, Trello recently made a change that limited the number of boards you can create in a single Workspace. As a result, many users lost their old data. If you want unlimited boards, you should upgrade to the paid plan.

Trello is a popular choice among project managers. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use even for non-technical users. Its customizable board features let you add custom buttons and fields. In addition, Trello is more affordable than Asana, making it a better option for users who only need basic collaboration and project management features. Both tools use boards and cards to organize information and collaborate. They also work on a variety of devices, making them convenient to use anywhere.


Both Asana and Trello offer project management tools, but they offer slightly different features and pricing plans. Asana has more advanced tools, including a Gantt chart, which is useful for project managers who need to track progress. Asana also has a clear list of user preferences.

Asana has an intuitive interface that’s designed for project management. It makes efficient use of available space and uses different colors for tasks. Moreover, Asana provides a variety of customization options. Its customizable templates and tools allow you to customize it according to your needs.

Pricing is another important factor in deciding between the two platforms. Trello offers a free version that provides a step-by-step tour of the software. It also gives users full control over a newly created project. Both Asana and Trello are owned by Atlassian, and both services have extensive knowledge bases and company-run blogs.

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