Ayurvedic Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis in India

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Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of providing medicine, offers treatment for Liver Cirrhosis in India. Liver Cirrhosis is a health condition in which the liver becomes scarred and loses its function due to long-term damage. However, ayurvedic helps to reduce inflammation due to liver regeneration. You can consult the best ayurvedic hospital in Calicut for an effective liver cirrhosis treatment.

In this blog, I have suggested some of India’s best ayurvedic treatments for liver cirrhosis. Read the blog to know more.

What is Liver Cirrhosis?

Liver Cirrhosis is when the liver becomes inflamed and loses its functionality due to prolonged damage. The liver is essential in our body for many vital functions, including filtering toxins, producing bile and waste products from the blood, and also storing vitamins and minerals.

However, the treatment option for liver cirrhosis depends upon the severity of the disease and the underlying cause. In some cases, lifestyle changes like quitting alcohol and adopting a healthy lifestyle may be enough for the progression of the disease. Still, in some cases, medications or even liver transplantation may be necessary.

What are the common causes of Liver Cirrhosis?

Liver Cirrhosis is caused due to a variety of conditions; Here are a few of them.


Alcohol is one of the common causes of liver cirrhosis. Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol for an extended period can damage the liver and leads to liver failure.

Viral Hepatitis:

Certain conditions are also responsible for the failure of the liver. Hepatitis B and C are also responsible for liver inflammation and damage to the liver leading to liver cirrhosis.

Fatty Liver Disease:

(NAFLD)Fatty liver disease is when fat accumulates in the liver, eventually leading to inflammation, scarring and cirrhosis.


Certain Medications are also responsible for liver damage. Medicines like methotrexate and isoniazid can cause liver damage and cirrhosis if taken over a long period. Hence it is also one of the reasons for liver damage in people. You can visit the best ayurvedic hospital in Calicut for an effective treatment.

Hence, these are a few causes of liver cirrhosis that must be understood.

What symptoms indicate the Liver cirrhosis Condition?

If you feel these symptoms, it might indicate that you are suffering from an unhealthy liver condition.

  • Fatigue and Weakness are one of the symptoms that indicate that you are suffering from liver cirrhosis condition. It happens when the liver cannot produce enough energy for your body.
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss also indicate a bad liver. The liver is essential for an excellent digestive system. If your digestive system is good, it indicates something is wrong with your liver.
  • Liver cirrhosis can lead to the build-up of toxins in the brain, causing confusion, memory loss, and other mental changes.

List out some best Ayurvedic treatments for Liver Cirrhosis in India.

Ayurveda provides several effective remedies for liver cirrhosis for your health. Some can serve better relief without interfering with your health, i.e. without showing any side effects.


Bringaraj is one of the effective remedies for your health from the perspective of ayurveda. It has several benefits for your health apart from just treating Liver cirrhosis.

All you have to do is take two spoons of bringaraj and honey. It will be effective enough to free you from liver conditions and other health issues.


Katuki is another effective and fantastic remedy for liver cirrhosis condition. This is most beneficial for older adults with liver problems. Elders who suffer from liver problems can use kabuki for effective results.

It helps reactivate the tissues and produce bile. Not only does it helps with liver problems, but it also helps with easing constipation. Even this is suitable to be taken with honey.

Papaya Seeds:

Papaya Seeds are another effective remedy for your liver. This can be either consumed as juice or in a raw format. You have to take one tablespoon of juice of papaya seeds with ten drops of fresh lime juice that can help improve your condition in just a month.

Arogyavardhini Vati:

Arogyavardhini Vati is another best remedy for liver cirrhosis in India, with multiple other benefits. It is a compound of katuki and copper. This ayurvedic remedy is consumed as a tablet three times a day. However, doctors can increase the dose if the condition is more serious.

Hence these are a few best ayurvedic treatments for liver cirrhosis in India.

Suggest some best home remedies to prevent liver cirrhosis treatment.

Here are some best home remedies you can follow after recovering from Liver Cirrhosis treatment.

Lose Weight:

Try to make small moves and make a big difference. This is suitable for people who are suffering from a fatty liver condition. Doing exercise can help prevent the accumulation of fats in the liver, helping prevent liver cirrhosis.

Fruits and Vegetables:

Try to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables as they are very much helpful for preventing such conditions. Try to consume fruits and vegetables like berries, apples, oranges, bananas, dates, figs, melons, broccoli, peppers, sweet tomatoes, carrots and more.

Whole grains:

Eating whole grains can also benefit your liver in so many ways. Try to eat grains high in fibre and other nutrients that benefit your liver in many ways. Some best examples of such whole grains are wheat, rice etc.

Stay Active:

In most people, the sedentary lifestyle and the absence of physical exercise is the reason behind liver failure. Hence try to involve some physical activity to avoid such conditions.

Hence these are some home remedies that can help prevent liver cirrhosis condition.

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