What’s It Like to Live in a Barndominium?

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Pole barn homes, also known as barndominiums, have been all the rage in recent years. Now, landowners who would have hesitated to step outside the box are considering barndo building a viable alternative to traditional home construction.

People who have heard about this unique building style from the media rather than friends or family who already live in one are often curious about how the experience differs from that of living in a traditional house. They can read on to find out what it’s like to live in a Pole Barn Home.

Lots of Space

One of the first things that most people notice about their new pole barn homes is how spacious they feel. The primary reason is that this building style lends itself perfectly to open floor plans with high ceilings. However, homeowners who prefer a little more privacy will still find that their new barndominiums offer plenty of extra space for installing extra bedrooms, living spaces, and places to entertain.

Few Maintenance Needs

Homeowners in traditional houses often find themselves facing growing lists of seasonal maintenance requirements with every passing year. The same thing is not true of barndos, which are typically built from highly resilient steel posts and panels. Instead of spending all of their free time on property upkeep, homeowners will have more of it for whatever matters.

Low Monthly Bills

Pole barn homes tend to be much more energy efficient than their traditional alternatives because it’s built right into their design. Instead of frequent studs that create many thermal breaks, barndominium roofs are supported by large poles spaced much further apart. The result is wider spans of empty space that can be filled with insulation without having to worry as much about thermal breaks, which creates a more energy-efficient home.

Natural Light

Homeowners who design their own barndominiums often add in extra features like extra-large windows. Because of the large spans of open space between poles, it’s more affordable to have them installed than it would be in a normal home, creating plenty of natural light that both cuts back on the need for artificial lighting and makes the space look brighter and more inviting. Of course, this specific part of barndo life applies only when it’s in keeping with the homeowner’s personal preferences.

More Money to Spend

Pole barn homes cost significantly less to build and maintain than traditional houses, which means that families will have more money to spend on important things. From decorating their new houses to planning parties or even going on fun vacations, homeowners will find that money isn’t as tight when they opt for pole barn homes.

A Positive Experience

Most people who choose to build barndominiums have just one regret, and it’s that they didn’t do it sooner. These unique structures offer all the same benefits as traditional homes and more. Features such as open floor plans, added energy efficiency, and greater opportunities for letting in the natural light are a recipe for living a happier life. Anyone interested in constructing a new house should give serious consideration to working with a barndominium builder instead.

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