Best Chinese Gift Ideas for Children In 2022

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Buying gifts in China for children can be an entertaining and fascinating experience. The variety is staggering! There is a large group of options to browse, contingent upon what category of gifts you are searching for. Recreational and educational things for youngsters are available across urban communities and online — you need to have a touch of patience, and you’re certain to track down an entirely suitable and unique piece.

We have drilled down top gift ideas for youngsters when you are in China, trailed by a part on the most proficient method to purchase toys to help you. Ideally, this is a clear and exhaustive hotspot to push ahead with your child-friendly purchases. Also, get a 30% discount using the Pop Mart Coupon Code while buying the pop toys.


1) Traditional Chinese Dolls

Most wholesale marketplaces and gallery shops carry these. Look for them at tourist traps, particularly in Beijing, which is well known for its handcrafted silk dolls. These are well-known traditional Chinese crafts with significant historical importance. They are said to be 1,000 years old, from the Song Dynasty.

The dolls can be costly, relying upon the category of silk they are made from, so I hope to lay out anywhere between RMB 250 to at least 600. The Silk Museum in Beijing has a store where you can track down these touristy zones. These graceful dolls address Chinese people from legends, old stories, and fables. They are all characters notable among the masses, so remember to ask your aide for the back story.

2) Chinese Kites

Kids love kites. The ones in China are extra special, with significantly more tone and shape variations than those tracked down in other parts of the world. Butterflies and Dragons are exceptionally normal kite subjects. In all likelihood, places where you can purchase kites would incorporate major topics and excursion parks and zoos across the country. Weifang, Shandong Province, is a locale extremely popular for its handcrafted kites and is also the place for the annual international kite festival held each April. Weifang kites come in all shapes and sizes, including pigeons, tigers, goldfish, frogs, and various legendary figures, all recounting a story.

3) Chinese Board Games

Board games are immense in China. The most classic board games that you can get from any major toy store incorporate Chinese Chess (Xiangqi) which is said to have originated around 800 AD; Chinese Checkers; Go (Wei Ch’i) which is more than 3000 years old and originated in China; and, Mahjong, which originated around 800 AD too as a card game and is played with tiles today. To know more about Mahjong, read our detailed piece on the standards. Board games are perhaps the best gift one can give to kids. A tomfoolery learning tool, it also fills in as something to gain more understanding of China’s history.

4) Chinese Yo-Yo

This is one of the most seasoned toys that came into being in China, and it’s not clear when it originated. These are two plates associated with an axle. Parcels can be finished with this toy. Children can have an excellent opportunity to approach up with Yo stunts. The western Yo is a derivation of this. The best is if you can see one made of bamboo – the most traditional variant of the Yo.

5) Shuttle Cock, Ti Jian, or Jianqiu in Chinese

This is a unique toy. Something that can be portrayed as a shuttlecock with four bright feathers is trendy globally, having originated in China. The idea is to keep it airborne utilizing your body, except your hands. Certainly something commonplace at toy stores and different markets referenced above, this is something that would be a good time for your children to play with. This game is even played seriously and has various renditions relying upon several players.

6) The Chinese Stuffed Panda

If you are taking your children to Chengdu to see the pandas, you cannot leave without the stuffed panda bear as a gift and toy to recall this remarkable experience. Other than the panda saves, Chengdu is an energetic, clamoring city that children will generally cherish. As for getting that panda bear, you can get it in all parts of China, in touristy spots and wholesale toy markets.

7) Cool, random and kitschy toys

Urban communities like Beijing and Shanghai are home to bunches of spring-up stores where you’d hope to find unusual and unique toys. The most outstanding aspect of? You can’t find them anywhere else! For such things, visit the touristy problem areas, and you’re probably going to catch a fashionable person store selling exquisite hand-printed shirts for youngsters, minimal wooden cars, and a large group of safe, out-of-control toys. Shanghai’s Tianzifang is an excellent example of a space where you can find such unique toys.

Aditya Mishra