Best E-Scooter Apps in 2023: All in One Budget Friendly Solution

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The popularity of escooter mobile applications is increasing across middle — east and Europe after trending in America. A report from NACTO indicates that the number of electric scooters has significantly increased in the past few years. Another report by the Grand View Research Inc. has projected a soft peak reaching $41.98 billion by 2030 with a CAGR of 8.5% in Asia Pacific Region in upcoming years.

Electric scooters (eScooters or E-Scooters) are an eco-friendly option that offers an economical solution to traffic congestion issues. It is the next wave of a sharing economy applied to personal transport solutions. Electronic vehicles are convenient, accessible, on-demand transportation for everyone who has such an e-scooter mobile app. Electronic vehicles can be recharged with electricity, and cause no air or noise pollution.

There’s a Conflict of Sorts

All set, there is more to it. Behind the scenes, electronic vehicles emit hidden pollution. Electronic eco-friendly vehicles have real extra benefits along with existing technologies. Their lifespan is unlimited, but how long does a normal e-vehicle last? How is it recycled at the end of its lifecycle? When compared to other means of transport that were already here, are electric vehicles more ecological? How are these e-scooters recycled at the end of their lifecycle? Are e-scooters more ecological when compared to other means of transport?

A debate lingers on, which says that electric cars are actually more polluting than conventional fossil fuel-powered cars. Recycling lithium-ion batteries causes monoxide emission, which is a prime ingredient of air pollution generated by conventional vehicles. What comes from nature, must go back to it. If it digresses, it is not eco-friendly.

The e-transport lifecycle comprises five phases: Vehicle manufacturing, energy production phase, use phase, maintenance and end of the vehicle.

Let’s Get Started with E-Scooter App Development

E-scooter apps deploy several custom-built electric scooter apps on different scooter platforms from different manufacturers for various clients and use cases like universities, inter-campus rides, hyper-local food delivery businesses, and last mile deliveries.

E-Scooter Application Pricing Options

Most electronic scooter applications implement flat rates, minimum and maximum prices, duration-based pricing, surge pricing including wait times, zone/location-based pricing, etc.

Parking Zones for eScooter Locks

Electric scooter applications have the provision for marking special parking zones or pick and drop zones for the e-scooters and their subsequent impacts on ride pricing, rewards, and fines for the user groups.

E-scooters have an inbuilt location and health sensors that help in tracking location. E-scooter discovery interfaces help users in searching nearby ride options.

They implement AI-based algorithms to track the manner in which the e-scooter is being driven by a rider. Such ML/AI-based algorithms recognize when it is safe to drive and when it will be a tough one. It warns/shows unsafe tracks to save riders time.

Examples of E-Scooter Apps

Lime, Nextbike, Bird, Spin, Skip, Goat, Wind Mobility, Scoot, Jump, Dott, Circ

How does the e-Scooter App work?

Generally all E-scooter mobile apps follow a same basic process. It goes like:

  1. Onboarding
  2. QR Scanning
  3. Payments
  4. Push Notifications
  5. Coupons and Discounts
  6. Find the scooters
  7. Tracking
  8. Ride History
  9. User Feedbacks
  10. Smart Locks

Feature List User Wise

Here is a basic list of features in e-scooter app development:

User App Features

Admin Panel Features


Advanced Search for nearby scooters

Lock & Unlock Option

Check the QR code

Secured Pause and End Ride

Push Notification

Online Payment Method

User Management

Rider Management

Vehicle Management

Payment Management

Dispute Manage

Fare Management

5 Best E-Scooter Apps in 2023

1. Bird — Ride Electric

It is easy to get started with Bird. Download the app, get yourself registered, select a payment method (PayPal, Credit Card, etc.), Select and unlock your vehicle, and get set with Ride Electric!

Bird offers dockless electric scooters throughout North America for one dollar to fifteen cents rental per minute. Users can locate and unlock the e-scooter by their smartphone app that has (1) Google map to find a nearby scooter, (2) Real-time GPS tracking, (3) QR Code to Lock and Unlock, (4) Payment Gateway Integration, (5) Smart Lock.

2. Lime — Ride Green

Lime prioritizes safety in how they design and upgrade their vehicles (Electric scooters, electric bikes), develop rider training and education, and ensure that their proactive, and prevention-focused decisions improve riders’ experience.

To start with, users need to (1) Download the Lime app to find a vehicle, and (2) Scan the QR code on the vehicle to unlock it. Learn how to ride safely in the app, (3) Follow all traffic rules, and stick to the streets and bike lanes where legally permitted.

With its headquarters in San Francisco, United States, Lime is the best on-demand startup and electric vehicle rental company. This online transportation company offers dockless vehicles that users can find via GPS and unlock through their mobile apps.

3. Skip by Helbiz

It offers cheap ride-sharing and requires less effort than bikes. Users can easily find a Skip scooter on the corner. They can use their Skip mobile app to scan the Skip e-scooter. Once set, they can flip up the kickstand and go. They can ride their electric Skip Scooter on city bike paths and roadways. Once they reach their destination, they can instantly end their trip by parking their scooter.

Skip works on four principles — Find, Rent, Ride, Park. It is easy to find nearby vehicles with GPS. Scan to unlock, and park anywhere after your ride. Skip scooters do not have docks or locks. It is safe to ride, seamlessly rent, unlock, or lock.

4. Wind Mobility

Wind is a micro-mobility sharing company that offers inexpensive, convenient, fast, and easy access to short-distance reliable transportation alternatives. They consist of a fleet of bright, zero-emission, shareable e-scooters, which are super green and super fun to zip across the city.

Wind Mobility is a Berlin and Barcelona — based company that allows users to book e-scooters from the mobile app. They can search for nearby e-scooters, unlock them with one click in the Wind app, make the payment and enjoy their commute. They can lock the scooter and leave it as such and end their ride. Simply tap — push-zoooom!

5. Scoot Kicks or Scoot Global

The Scoot company is based in San Francisco and works under the guidance program recommended by the SFMTA. It is a comprehensive answer to morning commute or weekend pleasure rides. Users can search for nearby scooters, unlock them at one click using the Scoot application, make payments, and enjoy the ride.

These offer the perfect mode of urban transportation for the last mile. They can be your companion for a morning ride through fresh air or a weekend getaway. Scoot skilled technicians professionally service kick vehicles. Adaptive scooters imply that they are available to accommodate disabled riders. Their classic scooters are ridden standing, while their adaptive scooters feature a seat so that more and more people with special needs can use this service adequately.

6. Goat — Scooter Rental

Goat is an Austin-based transportation company that provides dockless electric scooters on campuses, and is helpful during traffic congestion and parking woes that people experience in the cities. It has legal and official grants and works with local officials to make way for an environmentally friendly commute.

Users can download and install Goat mobile app, locate nearby electronic scooters, utilize the map integration features and locate the nearest scooter and then unlock it with the QR scanner in the app. The scooter can be locked once your ride completes. Bookings can be scheduled in advance.

More trending e-scooter applications include Grin and Yellow, Vogo, Flash, Voi Technology, Tier Mobility, Dott, Spin, Bem and Pop Scoot, etc.

How much do e-scooter mobile app development cost?

According to a rough estimate, the cost to develop a basic escooter mobile app is 20K — 50K USD. The cost might vary with scalability, feature and technology updates.

Zipping the Electric Convo

Hire dedicated mobile developers or outsource freelancers from top application development companies to establish your identity in the electric vehicle marketplace, scan through their development portfolio, past projects, client testimonials, reviews, and ratings to ensure 100% satisfaction while building a powerful platform according to your idea. Expect complete support from their development team to understand, and implement it into a delectable e-scooter mobile application.