Best Salon Client Retention Strategies to Know In 2023

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Due to the increasing costs of attracting new customers, salon and spa businesses must be creative and proactive by implementing strategies that keep existing customers coming back. A recent poll found that gaining a new client can cost up to five times as much as keeping an existing one.
You can increase client retention at your salon or spa and benefit from higher revenue and a better guest experience by using the appropriate tools and a well-thought-out strategy. In this post, you can check out some of the most advanced salon client retention strategies that will yield desirable results.
Top 7 client retention tips for salons
Benefit from Guest Surveys
Surveys give customers the option to express feedback and any issues they may have about the service they received at your salon or spa, whether they are conducted prior to consultations, following the first visit, or before the debut of a new service. You may adjust the consumer experience using this information to make it outstanding every time.
Establish a Culture of Re-Booking
A rebooking conversation is something that your client retention strategy must always include. In addition to being more inclined to book their next appointment at checkout when your staff goes above and beyond for a new customer and surpasses their expectations, they are also more likely to become a long-term client.
Every time, provide a V.I.P. experience
Prepare to extend the red carpet as soon as visitors enter your home! Whether it is their first visit or their tenth, all your clients deserve to have your undivided attention and thoughtfulness. As consumers, we frequently base our choices on our feelings. Giving each visitor a warm, sincere, and thoroughly pleasurable experience will not only make them feel appreciated but also encourage customer loyalty.
Make use of client notes
Even the smallest details can have a big impact on how special and valued your clients feel. It can make or break your client’s return if you remember important life occasions, beverage preferences, the client’s preferred hairstyle, and her preferred goods and services. According to studies, after having a tailored experience, over 60% of consumers are more inclined to become repeat customers.
Membership initiatives
With memberships, you can secure your customers for repeated visits and keep them coming back. Memberships can boost your company’s frequency of visits, retention rate, productivity, and bottom line in addition to generating recurring revenue.
Put loyalty points into action
We are encouraged to buy things as customers by the idea of receiving something for nothing. Create a loyalty rewards program and let customers earn points toward complimentary services. They will be much more likely to return so they may earn additional points. According to statistics on loyalty programs, around 74% of people take part in them, and the typical consumer has 14 customer loyalty cards.
Teach about products
By teaching your clients about the goods utilized during services, you can gain their trust and become their go-to expert. Your customers will feel less like they are being sold to and more like they are being looked after by your team if you incorporate product discussion into each service. The additional retail sales are a benefit!

Aditya Mishra