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The very famous Spiti valley or the Mini-Tibet is moreover like a landscape which is carved out from a work of painting. The villagers, the snow-covered mountains, and the beautiful, serene lakes present there to make this place a marvelous creation of God. If you are a person who wants to visit Spiti Valley, you need to understand the weather conditions. And the seasons which are suitable for visiting here. 

Seasons to visit

From March to June, it will be summer in this place. This is considered to be the best time to visit this Spiti valley because of the favorable and pleasant weather conditions. The crowds will be less compared to other seasons. 

From October to February, it is the time of winter in this area. This is also considered the best time to visit the Spiti valley area. During this time the landscape is completely covered with snow. The white-colored area seems to be so beautiful for all the visitors who come here. Not only those snow-covered mountains but also the wildlife, the waterfalls, and lakes are all covered with ice can also be witnessed. It will be such a great visual for your eyes. 

From July to September, it will be the time of monsoon in the Spiti valley. During this time, you can feel the gentle breeze along with the rays of sunlight. If you are planning to visit Spiti valley during this particular time, then you need to take a lot of precautions. Also, you need to have a master plan while visiting this area for each weather or climatic condition. 

The Details

During the summertime, Spiti valley will be waking up slowly from the winter’s snowy texture. The people who don’t want to visit this area, especially during crowded times can delve deep into this area during this time since it experiences less crowded during this time. The morning time will be so clear, and you will feel a bright and pleasant atmosphere. Whereas the dew time is very cold. If you want to camp here, then it will be a great experience for you; camping on the lap of nature by seeing the bright-lit stars which are present in the sky. 

This weather starts in March and will extend till the end of June. During this time the average temperature will be from 15 degree Celsius in the daytime, and it will be 6 degree Celsius at night-time. One thing that you need to take care of is the route because the road will be so bad during this time. 

The snow will be starting to melt, and some areas will be slippery and broken. During this time, you can go to the moon lake; Chandra Tal, Hikkim, Langza, Tabo, and Dhankar as well. The month of June is the time of the Tshechu fair for the Spiti area and hence if you are visiting this area during this time then you can be a part of this festival. You can understand their culture and customs as well.

Activities during the winter time

The daredevils may be interested in visiting this Spiti valley during the wintertime. This is because they know very well that this is once in a lifetime opportunity that they are getting. Here you can do several types of adventurous activities including snow trekking, climbing along the frozen waterfalls, etc.

 You can also view the snow leopard which is present there during this time. It will be so peaceful, quiet, and very calm here during this time. You can visit here only by the Shimla side during the winter. There are chances of snow slides, so you must be prepared physically and mentally to face the adventure ahead. 

So, the winter season will be extended to these five months. The temperature will be 0 degrees Celsius in the daytime, and it will fall below -40 degrees Celsius during the night-time. This is such a time that is very harsh and brutal. The hotels and restaurants present there will be almost closed and if some are open then, they will charge high prices. 


There may be a chance of road closures and the roads will be slippery. You need to keep additional days also because during these days you won’t be able to cover this area completely because of these. Water shortage and electricity will be the other problems that you will face. Do not miss to visit the Gue village, the Chandra Tal Lake, Chicham, and the village Kibber during this time. 

During the wintertime, so many festivals are celebrated by the people here. One among these is the Dechhang festival which is celebrated in December and the Losar festival which marks the new year as per the Tibetan culture. The Gochi festival is yet another one that is celebrated during February. The Fagli festival is celebrated in the first half of February. 


During the monsoon time, Spiti will not experience heavy rainfall. But the road conditions will be bad. The valley seems to be very beautiful with the brown and orange colors of autumn. The days will be so brighter and more pleasant while during the night, you will experience cold. From July till September, you can expect monsoon in the Spiti valley. 

The temperature during the daytime will be 10 degrees Celsius and it will be 4 degrees Celsius during the night-time. There are chances of landslides there. So, you must be prepared for adventures. Soil erosion may happen during this time. The gadgets that you are taking with you and the clothes, luggage, everything will be wet because of this rain. Since the roads are not good, there are chances of your vehicle breaking down. 

Do not miss visiting Mudh village, Nako village, and Tabo village. During the monsoon also, three festivals are being celebrated like the La Darcha festival which is celebrated during the last of August month. The tribal fare is celebrated also in August and the Gataur Mela is celebrated in the last week of September.

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