Best Tricks to Use Youtube As A Digital Marketing Tool

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More and more companies are betting on audiovisual content as part of their digital strategies. So much so that some surveys show that, by 2021, videos will account for more than 69% of internet traffic.

And with over a billion users – nearly a third of Internet users – YouTube is responsible for billions of views daily. This makes it a valuable tool to strengthen your brand, increase sales and, of course, talk more closely with your consumers.

And if you haven’t thought of Youtube as a strategy to leverage your business, it’s good to start considering this option. After all, eight out of ten internet users access the web, and 52% of people take some action after watching an online video. And more and more people take advantage of Youtube, including me.

How can Youtube work as a marketing tool for your business? We have grabbed some tips for you to start immersing yourself in the world of online videos.

Why invest in Youtube?

For starters, by the number of users. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Youtube has more than a billion users. That means a very large audience.

The chances of your consumers being part of this group are also great. And, as we’ve highlighted several times, it’s part of digital marketing strategies to be where your audience is.

Besides, having a YouTube channel is free, and you don’t need to pay to publish your videos, making it a cheaper option than TV advertisements, for example.

Another positive point is that advertising on Youtube is very simple. Just have a video to start advertising; you only pay when someone views your video.

How to begin

The key part of using Youtube as a strategy is the content. Quality content makes all the difference, mainly due to the amount of new material that comes out every day.

Therefore, it is important to think about suitable content for the platform. No boring videos that look like TV commercials. On Youtube, you will stand out by telling stories, entertaining, and informing your consumer.

It is also worth remembering that a single video will not bring you the results you are looking for. You must think about an ongoing strategy or a series of videos.

Another tip is always to keep an eye on the time. The first few seconds are fundamental, as they are the ones that will determine whether the person will continue watching or not. Very long videos also make users give up on the way.

Also, don’t forget to observe the network’s rules and terms of use to avoid the risk of having your video taken down.

Finally, pay close attention to the quality of the content produced. Use quality equipment and invest in audio and sound to maintain your brand’s credibility.

Since the subject is Youtube, have you thought about earning money using the channel? In this text, we explain how.

What kind of content to produce

The videos you produce will serve both as a gateway to consumers who don’t already know your service and to engage those who do.

That’s why we’ve separated three types of content that you can bet on when creating a YouTube channel for your company. And just for your information, FlexClip video maker can create all of the types of videos below.

Educational videos

Educating your consumer is an interesting strategy to promote your product or service.

When people don’t really understand a business or how it can be the solution they’re looking for. People tend to give it up.

Therefore, positioning your company as a reference and showing, through videos, all this knowledge for free and relevant to your consumers is a great way to stand out.

Invite your employees and participate and explain more about what is done there.


It’s almost a rule of thumb: if you want to learn something quickly and for free, Youtube is the right place. After all, many users prefer watching videos rather than reading long texts.

Take advantage of this and look for someone within your company who knows how to do something interesting that is related to your business and teach your audience to do too.

Ads video

One of the options offered by Youtube is an ad format for channels to get more views on their videos. This is a cool and effective way to attract visitors, increase views and make your channel more relevant.

To do this, create attractive videos that grab the user’s attention right away. This type of video should be short, and direct, and lead viewers to another video or page with more information.

Integrate channels

Finally, it’s important to remember that your strategies must be integrated. Investing in video production works, but it needs to be in tune with your company’s other digital channels.

Use blogs, social networks, email marketing, and even Google Adwords to help spread the content produced and further boost your business.

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