Booking Hotel Plugin WordPress In 2023

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We will discuss the top WordPress plugins for hotel booking throughout this article. We’ll also give some suggestions for unusual instances at the very end. These WordPress plugins all provide a variety of features and capabilities.

To assist you in selecting the finest hotel plugin WordPress, we have compiled a selection of them. You weren’t looking for the right kind of plugin, were you? Additionally useful are these plugins for room booking, hotel booking for WooCommerce, multi-vendor booking systems, and booking. Select the WordPress plugin that will help your website reach its full potential.

Hotel Booking Lite Plugin

Like the WooCommerce hotel booking extension, the MotoPress Hotel Booking Lite is a WordPress plugin that enables many guests to be controlled from a single location.

Other than hotels, this plugin can be used to manage hostels, apartments, rental homes, and other properties. It allows you to specify an endless number of additional assets and services.

Using this online tool, you may establish unique prices, view various rates based on the season, select flexible reservation terms, and view an online availability calendar.

This hotel plugin WordPress has one fantastic feature: it shows the current booking availability on your website and other online travel websites.

Booki Plugin

Beautiful booking forms and calendars may be made with the Booki room reservation plugin for WordPress.

The plugin, like the Hotel Booking Lite plugin, offers a smooth booking and cancellation process and maintains orders from start to finish.

Through this technology, reservations are made in real-time and are adjusted to the user’s local time zone. You can also accept payments with PayPal Payment Express.

With Booki’s multi-vendor booking system, visitors may choose their travel dates, browse available lodgings, book a stay, and easily manage their schedule.

You can make a booking right away with the option to pay later, add customized fields to the booking form, and distribute unique discount vouchers.

VikBooking Plugin

You may manage hotel rooms, hotel properties, available lodgings, and rates across a wide variety of dates, and access advanced payment methods with the VikBooking WordPress plugin.

This plugin gives customers access to a robust hotel booking system by allowing them to monitor room availability in real-time and book rooms accordingly.

This plugin’s free version allows you to browse available room types, check an availability calendar, and modify the rates. Unlike some other options, you may download this WordPress plugin for room booking right from the WordPress admin panel.

The room booking plugin’s pro edition allows you to create business reports and helpful statistics, graphs, and PMS reports.

WP Booking System Plugin

You may make a unique booking form and calendar for your business with the WP Booking System plugin for WordPress.

Customers will be fully informed of how many days are open and which days are reserved, enabling them to make the proper reservations. The plugin uses colours to indicate each day’s booked and available days.

Using a shortcode and this plugin, you may integrate a reservation system virtually anywhere on your website. A booking notification will appear on your WordPress dashboard as soon as a reservation request is made.

The premium version makes it easier to deal with by allowing the user to select numerous months.

Booking Calendar Plugin

One of the most used booking calendar plugins is the Booking Calendar, which can be downloaded for free for WordPress.

Hotel reservations on WordPress can be effortlessly managed with the help of this plugin. It has a ton of fantastic features for being a free plugin that you’ll find helpful. The plugin’s ability to send automatically produced email notifications is an important feature.

To allow your customers to choose dates from those displayed on the calendar, you can personalize the calendar with unique booking fields.

You can accept numerous double reservations simultaneously by opening a window ahead of time and closing it again when the window ends by utilizing a special tool.


The best and most sophisticated hotel booking plugins for WordPress have been developed by us. Anyone who has a website can use these plugins.

We appreciate you reading this article. We sincerely hope that was helpful. I’m hoping you’ve discovered a cutting-edge new plugin for your website. Additionally, we advise you to visit the WP Global Support page.