Buying a charging station for my electric car

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Congratulations that your electric car has been delivered successfully to you. Now what is the next step? How does charging actually acts? Which charging station is the correct one for you, and what do you need to bear in mind once buying one?  Come on, you don’t have to panic too much because this post will get you an idea about ev charging stations and what to know before buying.

Understand the charging power that your charging station need  and the speed of charging 

Many electric cars are there that charge more swiftly than others. The power requires ranges from three point seven kw to twenty two kw, relying on the electric car’s inbuilt onboard charger. There is no need to say that 3.7 kw electric car may get charged at any charging sort of station equipped for faster charging powers. But you know, it happens only with a maximum of three point seven kw. The weakest point concerns the overall utmost charging power. 

Remember that there are so many different aspects that determine how long it takes to simply change an electric car encompassing:

  • Vehicle charging rate
  • The power source
  • Battery size
  • Charging capacity

Aspects That influence EV Charging Time

Charging times of electric car stations may vary because of different aspects. What is the power source you have? How much power can your electric car actually handle? How can the drivers charge their vehicles and simply get back on the road efficiently? Relying on an electric vehicle’s charging source and even overall battery capacity, some drivers can even charge their cars to even eighty percent in as little as even thirty minutes making use of a Level 3 fast charger. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t the standard. Most of the drivers will require up to a complete day to charge a completely depleted electric car battery in case they use the standard three-prong plugs discovered in the walls of most of the homes.

One charge and how long the car will go?

How far your electric car can go is going to rely on many factors such as:

  • The overall size of your battery.
  • The overall health your electric car has.
  • The weather in your region 
  • The features getting used, such as A/C in warm climate.
  • How efficiently you drive.

Every EV is going to be different, so it is recommended you talk to the manufacturer before you get one. Of course, you can always talk to the manufactures regarding the tips if they have for your specific car. The more you explore the world of electric chargers for your EV, the better you would acquire the information. An informed decision will always get you great outcomes. 


 To sum up, you can make the most of options like egaadi charging station for your electric vehicle charging. Since you know much about electric cars and their charging; you should make a right move. A right charger will help you drive longer and easier!