Can a Locksmith Make a Door Key Without the Original?

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On a frustrating day when you have misplaced the keys and cannot enter your property, a locksmith is someone that almost no one bothers to consider. A locksmith plays a crucial role in home security, despite being neglected by most people who prefer solving lockouts themselves. Although residential locksmith services can open the house doors for you, the real question is whether they can get your keys back. Can a locksmith use their equipment and knowledge to create a new duplicate key without knowing what the original key looks like? Several residential and automotive locksmiths available around you are always ready to help. However, the job of an automotive locksmith is tough because of advanced security systems and keyless car entries. As far as we talk about residential locks, they are no less. Below is a complete guide on how a locksmith can create a duplicate key without the original keys.

A locksmith’s duties extend beyond just making keys, installing locks, and assisting people stuck in a lockout. Generally, a locksmith is defined as a person who tackles security systems and provides solutions for existing problems. Since people have focused more on improving home security, the duties of a locksmith have increased significantly. With security cameras and advanced doorknobs, no one can imagine breaking a security system. However, misplacing the keys of conventional locks is still very common. But people who contact a locksmith don’t get frustrated as a locksmith can make the duplicate key using several techniques without having the original key.

How to Make a Duplicate Key Without the Original

1- Making a New Key by Cutting the Code

This method is the easiest to make a key without the original. A key usually has two different alphanumeric codes, which are given to particular lock models. When making a key, a locksmith inserts a blank key in the cutting machine and carefully cuts the key to the required key code. A locksmith will have to use either of the two techniques below if the key code isn’t accessible.

2- Impression Method

A locksmith providing residential locksmith services may be able to take an impression of the lock in some situations. This does not necessitate disassembling the lock, in contrast to decoding the lock’s code. In short, a locksmith can create a key without unlocking a lock by using a lock impression. This can be a productive key-making technique for a proficient locksmith. Here is how this method works

  • The lock is opened by turning a blank key. Where cuts need to be made, the pins’ pressure against the key will leave marks.
  • This procedure requires several repetitions to make sure that all the necessary cuts are made. The ideal key is created after numerous trials. This can only be done by a professional locksmith that comes with the proper tools.
  • It might take some time for a novice locksmith to use this technique.

3- Taking Apart the Lock

Since making a new key by impression and code aren’t the only solution, a locksmith disassembles the lock cylinder to figure out how the pins inside it work. This procedure requires caution because if the lock is removed destructively, the internal mechanisms may become out of alignment or suffer other damage. A locksmith would typically start by picking the lock to disassemble the lock properly. Once the lock is removed, the locksmith will examine the mechanism of the cylinder to create a perfect new key.

Can You Create a Key Yourself?

The procedures mentioned above, which professional locksmiths use, aren’t easy. This means that while it does require some tools and experience if you want to create a key yourself, it will take a lot of time. Still, if you are a DIY enthusiast and want to try on your own, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you will require a top-quality blank key. When choosing the appropriate key blank, a qualified locksmith is the best person who can guide you. Because there are so many key blanks, doing this step yourself is quite challenging. So, you can remove the lock and take it to a locksmith. Not only will they provide you with a proper blank key, but they will also tell you some necessary tips. Then you will need to learn the techniques properly as it requires skills and patience. Although you will fail in the first few attempts, you will eventually make a perfect duplicate key.

Locksmiths can hand-craft keys for locks, so if you’ve lost your key, they can still make you a new one. Without the need for an original key, a locksmith providing residential locksmith services can make a key from scratch using a blank file and the skills they’ve mastered over the years. For locks on office furniture and cabinets, many locksmiths can cut keys to specific numbers.

Aditya Mishra