Car Washing vs. Car Detailing – What’s the Difference?

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Getting your car cleaned regularly is critical in its proper care without having to take it to a mechanic. In addition to removing corrosive materials, deep cleaning protects the car’s surface, hence protecting its paint. Both these car services have their benefits that may include the availability of a 24-hour car wash. Each one has its benefits and serves its purpose. Car detailing is an in-depth version of a regular car wash. You can search on google “self service car wash near meto find the nearest car station, where you can personally clean your car. 

What is car washing?

It is a cleaning process that helps to remove dust and dirt from your car’s exterior. It is a general process that cleans your car quickly and is non-invasive. The car wash does not clean the car too deeply and leaves dirt still in the grooves and hard-to-reach areas. A 24-hour car wash service is also available in many areas. Sometimes the cleaning solutions are also left on the car’s exterior. You can find separate truck wash in Calgary or elsewhere. 

  • Purpose of car wash

The primary purpose is to clean off any dust, dirt, grime, salt, tar, or any other particle present in the environment from the surface of your car. 

  • Types of car wash

You can either wash your car or take it to a nearby car wash. You can also get your car hand washed by an expert or get it cleaned automatically. 

  • Duration and expense

A typical car wash may take 10-15 minutes, whereas a professional cleanup may take a little longer. A hose wash has quite a reasonable cost compared to a professional hand wash. You should wash your car regularly after a couple of weeks to keep your car paint intact. It might take a bit longer to complete the process of truck washing in Calgary or wherever you live.

What is car detailing?

Car detailing is a more detailed process that involves the cleaning of the exterior as well as the interior of your car. Car detailing professionals search for every groove left uncleaned by most regular car washes. It provides the most suitable customized washing of our car that is more detailed and precise. The wax and other materials, such as the solutions used, provide long-term protection. 

  • Purpose of car detailing

The purpose of car detailing is to provide a new look throughout the car’s life, reducing the wear and tear a car faces and raising its resale value. You can also do it yourself and get many guidelines, but professional car detailing would provide the best results. 

  • Processes of car detailing

They deep clean the exterior and interior of your car and additionally provide services that involve cleaning, washing, waxing, and vacuuming the entire car. The car detailing process also consists of additional services like shampooing and washing the carpets and restoration of headlights. 

  • Duration and expense

The car detailing process can take several hours or even a full day and costs much more than a standard car wash. You should get your car at a car detailing setup twice a year, and getting your car waxed every season is recommended. 


The primary difference between car detailing and a car wash is the depth in which the process cleans the car. A car wash keeps grit and grimes away from the surface of your car, and auto detailing cleans the interior and exterior of your car, thus extending its life. You can also find a self-care car wash near you for your satisfaction. The retail value will increase if you get your car washed regularly after two weeks and get it to a car detail setup once a year. What choice is best for you depends on what type of environment your car moves. A regular car wash will work if your car is not exposed to corrosive substances and remains spotless. Still, if you want to extend the life of your car’s interior and exterior and increase its resale value, you might choose a thorough wash once a year.

Kevin Peter