Chocolate Cake Addiction

Chocolate Cake
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For as long as I can remember, chocolate has been a favorite food of mine, and traditional chocolate cakes are among my all-time favorites. Though I have a soft spot for chocolate cake, that doesn’t mean I have to devour every slice that crosses my path. No, no. If I didn’t have access to the best chocolate cake, I wouldn’t eat any.

That’s because I’ve experienced a multiplicity of chocolate and cocoa cakes, some of which are extremely terrible and not worth eating. I’m a chocoholic with picky preferences. I won’t eat a poorly baked cake. More so if chocolate is the primary component. Think about it: a chocolate cake that tastes like cardboard.

To me, it’s an insult. Insensitive to the decadence of the chocolate fudge cake. We should never let someone near an oven again who makes a truly terrible cake. The chocolate cake to which I refer. So since I have a sweet place for this delicious, but bite-sized chocolate delicacy, I set out to locate as many chocolate cake recipes as possible.

And I baked chocolate cakes according to every recipe I could think of until I found the one that made the best chocolate cake ever. That’s how I feel, at least. Since I am the one who will be consuming the cake, its flavor is obviously of paramount importance to me. Bwahahaha… I get to eat cake since it’s mine. That’s all mine! But if it’s truly terrible, I have no problem giving some of it away.

These days, chocolate cake recipes may be found on any number of websites. The days of having to beg your mom, dad, grandma, aunt, etc. for a chocolate cake recipe are over. Just think about putting it down on paper and then misplacing it. Besides being a waste of time that would be a major hassle. Finding recipes online is a wonderful convenience. Recipes can be copied and pasted for future use. Some of them even include pictures to help you along the way!

In reality, baking a chocolate cake is a breeze. Incorporate all of the ingredients and bake for at least 30 minutes. Done. When completed, the result is stunning with very little work on your part. Various flourless chocolate cake, low-fat chocolate cake, high-cocoa chocolate cake, and the world-famous five-minute chocolate cake recipes abound.