Things to Consider While Choosing an Event Registration Platform

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If you plan events, you are aware that the registration method you select can make or break your event. A user-unfriendly, complex event registration platform will turn away potential attendees while a straightforward one will increase conversions and streamline your event management process. You have come to the right place if you are seeking an event registration system. You will learn the most useful advice and factors to take into account in this workshop while selecting an event registration system.

Best tips to choose an event registration system 

Check the reviews 

Similar to not purchasing an event registration system before deciding what you need it for, neither should you purchase one without investigating its features. The competition is the best place to look. If ten of your rivals are utilizing the same technology, it must have some capabilities that would also benefit your business. Ideally, you can just talk about it with the rivals you get along with.

They may offer insightful information on what works well and what doesn’t for their business, allowing you to decide if it’s a wise choice. There will probably be a number of choices, so you can create a list of advantages and disadvantages for each to help you make a decision. After choosing your top 5, you can further reduce your options by looking at their ratings on review websites. You can study software reviews from verified users on websites like SourceForge, G2, or Capterra to help you make selections that are best for your business.

Focus on the Ease of Use

A good online conference registration software should be easy to use while also providing a wide range of functions to speed up various procedures. It is a good idea to have everyone test it because different team members will utilize it for various purposes. For instance, it could be better to look for a different solution if the system performs admirably for registrations but poorly for reports. If you purchase a system that only partially satisfies your demands, you will have to pay for extra reporting software options.

Additionally, your team will waste time transferring data between systems and have trouble gathering and evaluating data from various sources. On the other hand, good software will satisfy the demands of your entire team, be intuitive, simple to use, and make registration as straightforward as possible for users. You want as few barriers as you can for both your team’s ability to complete their work quickly and effectively and as few barriers as you can for potential attendees in order to improve the likelihood that they will register. Keep in mind that your team shouldn’t have a difficult time learning the new method. If not, they’ll feel overburdened and unmotivated.

Social media integration 

Your event will be successful if it is effective at drawing people thanks in large part to social media. Social media is incorporated into the event registration process by event registration software to encourage attendees. It essentially posts information about your event on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. To easily raise the number of attendees, this functionality is crucial. This makes it simple for event planners to spread the word about their gathering to a staggeringly large audience and quickly grab their interest. To guarantee maximum anonymity, this feature can be easily disabled for private events. Simply said, social media integration increases the number of individuals who visit the event registration page, allowing them to learn more about the event and join up right away.

Ticket boost option 

Getting new attendees and keeping the ones you already have is difficult in this cutting-edge competition where your rivals are willing to do anything to lose your clients. Fortunately, there is a ticket boost option available as a remedy. This option essentially functions as a single- or double-sided discounting system that enables you to recognize event attendees who bring their loved ones rather than strangers. Whether you want to give a discount to one party or both sides with a fixed or percentage discount for each person they recommend to your account is entirely up to you.

Engagement tools 

Your guests aren’t just there to watch; they want to actively participate in the event by being aware of every detail. You may give your attendees a voice with the Real-time polling and surveys tool so they can interact with one another, learn about the precise event goals, publish to social media, and much more. Additionally, conference registration software that includes real-time polls and surveys improves participant engagement and gives event planners access to useful information so they can pinpoint exactly what resonates with them most.


Notification and updates are crucial for both making guests feel special and periodically reminding them about the event. Event planners and organizers must choose event registration software for conferences with the capability to easily and effectively deliver notifications and keep connections with attendees. Your chosen event registration software should provide you the ability to easily contact your attendees, whether it’s to convert invitees to registrants, keep them informed, or build anticipation.