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Classy and Comfortable Bisht

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People often think that Islamic clothes are never flashy. In 2021, however, fashion designers have made elegant Bisht Abayas with sequins, stonework, or lace that can be worn in different ways for different events. It’s really interesting to see how Islamic women in other parts of the world wear different, unique, and fashionable clothes.

Many women love to wear Bisht because it is loose and falls and flows elegantly. It is also modest, stylish, and very comfortable. The Bisht is great because you can choose your own size. Because it has a free width, the Bisht style of abaya doesn’t need to be measured for the bust or hips. It can fit loosely on almost any body type.
Back when Bisht only came in black, those days are over. As the fashion industry changes, more and more designer clothes are made for Muslim women. Modern women who love to keep up with the latest trends always look for the newest bisht designs that make them look stylish and sophisticated. For a stylish look, Islamic women choose the Bisht Abaya because it is comfortable and has interesting designs at the same time.
There are different kinds of classy bisht for stylish Muslim women to wear these days. Here is a list of some of the newest designer bisht that will make you fall in love with them every time you wear them.

Bisht in Color

Muslim women today prefer colored Bisht Abaya to black Abaya. If you want to change your look, you should try the two-toned Bisht Abaya that is popular right now.

Bisht Abaya broke up into two colors. We’ve seen a lot of these on fashion bloggers, and they’ve been popular for a long time. The colored Bisht look good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This cape-style, designer-colored bisht has an open front and is made of crepe.

Tie-dye Bisht Abaya is another popular style of colored Bisht. In 2021, they are back in style. The tie-dye Bisht Abaya is a great one to have for casual wear. There are different colors and patterns to choose from. This blue tie-dyed Bisht Abaya has 3 parts: the Bisht Abaya, the Inner, and the Sheila.

Bisht with Embroidery

Do you like to wear clothes with embroidery? What if we told you that you can now get embroidered Bisht? Yes, you did hear correctly. The front of the popular embroidered Bisht dress is made of lace (Dantel), and the back is made of georgette. The embroidered Bisht Abaya has traditional Palestinian embroidery with a lot of bright colors. If you want to look elegant and stylish, you can wear an Ebele Bisht dress with jeans and a top.

This Bisht comes with an embroidered belt that you can tie around your waist to make it fit just right. Do you want to wear this beautiful white Bisht with embroidery? Many women who are not Muslim like dantel because of how elegant it is. A Bisht with embroidery and a belt is a great outfit for both day and night. It is one of the best modern Bisht designs that you can wear to a special event to show off your stylish sense of fashion.

This beautiful red Bisht Abaya looks even better with the embroidery on the shoulders. Are you a woman who always looks serious and elegant? Then you’ll like this one. The most comfortable and stylish fabric to wear is Barbie crepe. This lovely Bisht Abaya can be worn with jeans and an elegant top. The red Bisht Abaya wasn’t just made for Muslim women; it was also made for all stylish women. The front of the stylish Bisht is layered, and it has long sleeves.

Added details to Bisht

Most of the time, embellished Bisht is in style. They never get out of style. If you wear a classic Bisht Abaya with embellishments, you can be on the cutting edge of the trend. Embellished Bisht have been popular in fashion for a few years, and they will continue to be popular in 2021.

This gorgeously decorated Bisht has a fringed pattern on the chest and a belt that you can tie on your own. The embroidered Bisht Abaya is made of chiffon, which is very soft and comfortable. Do you want to look up-to-date? You’ll look stylish in this elegant Bisht Abaya with embellishments.

Also, embellished pleated Bisht Abayas were very popular in 2020 and will be again this year because they are trendy, light, and modern. A modern Muslim woman should wear a Bisht with pleats. A Bisht with pleats will make you stand out from the crowd and keep you in touch with fashion around the world. You can’t argue with the fact that pleats are classy and stylish.

For any special event, the cotton abaya is the best thing to wear. The black Abaya in the Bisht style is decorated with gold and has an open front. Contact us if you want the cotton pleated Bisht Abaya to be made in your size, and we will do that for you.

Casual Bisht

The most comfortable thing to wear all day is a casual Bisht Abaya. Do you want to try a casual Abaya that is different from what you’ve worn before? Try out this. The tricolor casual Abaya has a geometric pattern in black, beige, and white.

This Abaya is made of organza and has an open front. It comes with a plain Sheila. You can cover your head with a simple Sheila by tying it around your head. This Bisht can make you look the best and most proper. Bisht will always be in style. Almost every Muslim woman wears a Bisht to go about her daily life.

So, these are some of the elegant and comfortable bisht you should look forward to. Every Muslim tends to wear Bisht Abayas because they are the most fashionable and comfortable.

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