Cloudways Web Hosting Review

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The flexible pricing structure of Cloudways Web Hosting allows you to pay as you go. Cloudways’ plans start at $10/mo, with no credit card required. However, it is important to remember that you will only be charged for the resources that you use. Cloudways’ pay-as-you-go pricing model means that you can upgrade your server as you need to in order to accommodate the needs of your website. It offers 33 cities and 62 data centers.

Cloudways offers a range of different hosting packages, and has a flexible pricing structure that allows customers to increase or decrease the resources they need to accommodate their growing site. They have no contracts and a wide range of add-on services, such as a CDN, email add-ons, and DNS Made Easy. Additionally, if you have questions about your website or about the Cloudways services, you can use their knowledge base and live chat to contact customer support.

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Easy to use

Cloudways is a provider of managed cloud server hosting, which can be used to host any type of website. Its founder, David, has extensive experience in the software and web design industry. He has a keen eye for developing digital platforms that give businesses an advantage over competitors. In addition to offering a wide range of website hosting solutions, Cloudways also offers excellent customer support. Listed below are the advantages of Cloudways.

Despite the fact that Cloudways charges more, you’ll have a free trial period of three days. You don’t need to provide any credit card information to try their service, which is a convenient way to test a provider before committing to a longer plan. Cloudways’ pricing is also competitive, but they do charge more for the added flexibility. The free trial period is just three days long, which is sufficient for a business owner to decide if Cloudways is the right option for their needs.

Fast speeds

If you’re looking for fast web hosting, Cloudways is the perfect choice. Cloudways offers free cloud-based CDN for its customers. It uses a special version of the industry-leading Stackpath CDN. The speed of your website will be maximized with Cloudways’s fast speeds. Cloudways doesn’t offer VPS services, so you can’t use cPanel or other popular control panels. You’ll use the Cloudways control panel instead, but it doesn’t take long to get used to.

Cloudways has several performance-enhancing features. The Washington D.C. server is a top performer, according to a test by the Online Media Masters. Cloudways has a variety of server locations, which vary depending on which server provider you choose. A good number of them have high speed Internet connections. You’ll have no trouble finding a server in the cloud that matches your requirements. Cloudways offers a free trial for their service, which includes a one-year commitment.


Reliable Cloudways web hosting is a flexible option that caters to the needs of a variety of businesses. Customers can choose from several providers and pay as they go, making the service very flexible and user-friendly. Cloudways also offers several options to meet specific needs, including pay-as-you-go, vertical scaling, and pay-per-use billing. This hosting company accepts major credit cards and PayPal, and offers a money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with your service after three months.

Users can set server settings and packages using a convenient control panel. Cloudways offers advanced and basic server utilities. For example, they offer options to turn on HTTP/2, Cloudflare, Redis, and ElasticSearch. When deploying any of these features, users should make sure they’re compatible with their server’s settings and requirements. Furthermore, Cloudways doesn’t allow root access to users. This means that customers can’t install applications unless they know how to use them.

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